Tadika Seri Soka

Malaysia Soka kindergarten, Tadika Seri Soka is founded on December 1st 1994, located in Kuala Lumpur city. With the spirit "children are the envoys of future, the masters of future creator", kindergarten cherish and treat each student sincerely, respect their personality, give them care and cultivate children to inspire their unlimited potential, to nurture them become outstanding people of society and nation.

Kindergarten Motto:
Strong, Righteous and Lively

Educational Objectives:
1. To educate and nurture physically, mentally and spiritually righteous, intelligent and healthy individuals.
2. To educate and foster children to be independent and strong.
3. To instill in children the spirit of unity and caring for others.
4. To develop children of good character and good habits.
5. To educate children to become future world citizens with international outlook.

Address: Lot 216, Off Jalan TKC 2/1, Batu 9 1/2, Cheras, 43200 Selangor.

Telephone: 03-90753391 

Email: tssoka@gmail.com