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January 2024

In This Issue

Towards 2030

To Our Bright Beacons of Hope
The Seeds of Effort Become the Flowers of Victory

Words from the Editor

A Brand New Year

The World of NHR

Be Bright! Be Considerate! Be Tenacious!

The Lion’s Story

Mr Ikeda’s Journey (21)

Our Brilliant Planet

The White Sand Horse of Hawaii

My Buddhist Studies

Gongyo & Daimoku

Gosho for Me

1: Reply to a Believer
2: Happiness in This World
3: The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings

My Victory

Turning Every Darkness into Hope
Chow En Nim, Japan

My Hope-filled Sunshine

This year I resolve to start doing…

Just Ask

Cherish our parents

Stay Safe

Beware of Deepfake

Act Now for SDGs

What are the SDGs?

JD Good Watch

The Cat Returns

Buddhist Story

King Possessor of Virtue

Wonderful Picture Book

Burger Boy

Towards 2030

To My Young Successors, the Torchbearers of Justice
Be Suns of Hope Illuminating the Future

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