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April 2024

In This Issue

Towards 2030

To Our Bright Beacons of Hope
Grow with Joy and Pride!

Words from the Editor

Shimmering Dreams

The World of NHR

Facing Difficulties Head-On

Kosen-rufu History Explorers

A University Dedicated to Peace of Humankind

Our Brilliant Planet

The Flower Baskets of Los Angeles

My Buddhist Studies


Gosho for Me

4: On Repaying Debts of Gratitude
5: Letter to Jakunichi-bo
6: Letter to the Sage Nichimyo

My Victory

Victory Comes from Never Giving In to Defeat
Chan Kah Lok, London

My Hope-filled Sunshine

My Dream Is…

Just Ask

Read Books

Act Now for SDGs

Ocean Rubbish

JD Good Watch


Buddhist Story

The Tale of the Poison Arrow

Wonderful Picture Book

Iggy Peck, Architect

Poem in My Heart

Young Shoots

Towards 2030

To My Young Successors, the Torchbearers of Justice
Let’s Advance Cheerfully on the Path of Learning and Self-development!

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