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August 2021

In This Issue

From SGM General Director

The Light of Hope in this Pandemic
After over a year of experiencing upheavals caused by the pandemic, most industries are experiencing a slowdown and people’s livelihoods are increasingly desperate.

Cahaya Harapan dalam Pandemik Ini
Setelah lebih daripada satu tahun mengalami pergolakan yang diakibatkan oleh pandemik COVID-19, kebanyakan industri menghadapi kelembapan dan mata pencarian rakyat menjadi semakin terdesak.

From SGI President

Developing Our Movement with Warm, Open Hearts by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda


The Brilliant Path of Worldwide Kosen-rufu: Learning from The New Human Revolution Commentary on Volume 28 by SGI Vice-President Hiromasa Ikeda

“Unforgettable Scenes” – Key Episodes from Volume 28 from the Seikyo Shimbun

Excerpts from Nichiren’s Writings Found in Volume 28 from the Seikyo Shimbun

Focus on Treasuring Every Individual by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

Using Crises to Elevate Our Life-State by COSMIC Editorial Board

We Are the Protagonists of Our Own Triumphant Dramas by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

A Time of Great Crisis Is a Time of Great Transformation by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

Fresh Hope by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda


Coming Up: Shorts by Dinesh Chandren

Halaman Kanak-Kanak

Raja Ajatashatru yang Berubah Menjadi Baik


Living My Mentor’s Spirit, Living My dream Shashank Khaitan, India

Exploring the Boundless Ocean of Potential within Oneself Jonathan Phu Jiun Lang, Sabah



Editor’s Note


In his 39th Peace Proposal issued on January 26, Value Creation in a Time of Crisis, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda addressed major issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic, building a global culture of harmony and human rights, the need to get rid of nuclear weapons and the climate crisis. He proposed solutions for overcoming these challenges and called on the global community to together build a society realising “happiness for both oneself and others through bringing into full play the human capacity to create value.” [1]

When we look at the world today, people are only concerned about their own interests. Most people only care about themselves and their own families, placing their personal concerns above all else. People even resort to unethical methods, even damaging and sacrificing the needs of others in order to fulfil their own interests.

Looking at our pandemic-stricken society as an example, we can see that many people have had their spirits crushed and livelihoods destroyed – they are in dire straits. But the cruel reality is that they are ignored or discriminated against, – even excluded – leaving them isolated and helpless.

Even where the supply of vaccines is concerned, we see that countries only take care of their own needs and turn a blind eye to the needs of other countries.

On this, President Ikeda stressed that we must have the determination to never leave behind those struggling in the depths of adversity, lending them a helping hand, and shine the warm glow of concern in their lives. We must enable them to bring forth the strength to live with dignity and strive to build the foundations for a society where the word “misery” is eradicated.

In “The Three Virtues of Food,” Nichiren Daishonin writes: “If one gives food to others, one will improve one’s own lot, just as, for example, if one lights a fire for others, one will brighten one’s own way.” (WND-2, pg 1060) This teaches us that when we contribute to the wellbeing of others, we ourselves will receive benefit too.

The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings states: “‘Joy’ means that oneself and others together experience joy.” (OTT, pg 146) True joy is when we and others enjoy happiness.

On this, President Ikeda says: “Happiness is something that we must each achieve for ourselves and experience in our own lives. But at the same time, one’s own happiness to the exclusion of others is not true happiness. Just being content with one’s own welfare with no concern for others is selfish. By the same token, brushing aside one’s own happiness and caring only about the happiness of others is not sufficient either. True happiness is a condition when both we ourselves and others are happy.” [2]

He also points out: “We cannot steal happiness from someone or attain it by sacrificing others for our own gain. It is something that must be shared – which is why I have always insisted that our happiness must not be built upon the misfortune of others.” [3]

We cannot live alone and isolated. Humankind has always been a community where we share joy and sorrow together. The thinking that helping others will only hurt our interests is the main reason for the terrible state that society is in today.

There is no life more noble than one dedicated to caring for and helping others, and enabling people to become happy.

Let us learn from this pandemic and transform this crisis into opportunity, and together build a society that realises happiness for both oneself and others!

[1] Pg 42 of this issue.
[2] FLOW No. 661 (01.10.2017), pg13–14.
[3] Ibid., pg 14.

After over a year of experiencing upheavals caused by the pandemic, most industries are experiencing a slowdown and people’s livelihoods are increasingly desperate. Some families have COVID-19 patients among their members, and even lost family members and relatives to this dreaded disease. Everywhere we go, we see people suffering and in pain – we are living in a truly troubled world.

People are becoming increasingly frustrated, and suicide cases are on the rise, with an average of four suicides each day. This pandemic has caused endless tragedies.

SGI President Daisaku Ikeda points out, from a Buddhist compassion perspective, that “we never leave behind those struggling in difficult circumstances,”(1) and “never leave behind those struggling in the depths of adversity, [as they] find themselves isolated.”(2) He further stressed on embracing Nichiren Daishonin’s spirit and conviction that we will never turn a blind eye to those struggling in difficult situations.

We regard each person as being supremely important and irreplaceable. Since the start of the year, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) has embarked on a campaign of conducting hope-filled dialogue and hope-filled encouragement based on the motto “Leaving No One Behind” to transcend the challenges posed by this pandemic, by sending the voice of encouragement to each person.

Using their ingenuity, the youth division has carried out a “My Dialogue, My Victory” campaign towards their anniversary on July 11, and successfully carried out over 20,000 dialogues – a breakthrough.

Since July, SGM has been carrying out the CARE Campaign nationwide, with leaders of all four divisions participating, where they will carry out dialogue and encouragement based on the spirit of care and concern. They will lend a helping hand to those who need help and not abandon anyone.

Each leader will strive tirelessly to spread the revitalising philosophy of Soka with their members and communities, embracing the conviction of “establishing the correct teaching for the peace of the land and the world.”

The voice carries out the work of the Buddha.” (OTT, pg 4) Through caring dialogue and action, we can encourage people whose hearts have become fatigued and hopeless. We can connect the hearts of people and build ties of trust, thereby expanding good causes in society and the solidarity of good people.

President Ikeda said, “Just as a spring breeze awakens tender new shoots of green, sincere encouragement can thaw a frozen heart and instil courage. It is the most powerful means to rejuvenate the human spirit.”(3)

Through dialogue and encouragement, we impart hope and courage that will ignite the lives of others, give them a sense of direction and make them feel at ease. This will draw out from within them the inexhaustible power to confront their difficult circumstances and boldly take on the challenging situation that they face.

Though life in this pandemic is tough, there is warmth and kindness in the world. As long as we continue to strive tirelessly in carrying out dialogue and encouragement, and help each other, we can cast away the gloom that is shrouding society and open up the great path to victory.

This pandemic is truly severe and we are facing a grave crisis, but the Gosho says, “When great evil occurs, great good follows.”(WND-1, pg 1119) We believe that humanity has the boundless power to overcome all adversity and crises. We can still create value in the midst of adversity and crisis.

Let us carry on with an indefatigable and undefeated spirit. Let us view the pandemic crisis as a great opportunity, a turning point for changing poison into medicine, and together build a harmonious society that is full of warmth and kindness.

(1) COSMIC, July 2020, pg 25.
(2) COSMIC, April 2021, pg 20.

Setelah lebih daripada satu tahun mengalami pergolakan yang diakibatkan oleh pandemik COVID-19, kebanyakan industri menghadapi kelembapan dan mata pencarian rakyat menjadi semakin terdesak. Ada keluarga yang mempunyai pesakit COVID-19 antara anggota keluarganya, malah ada yang kehilangan ahli keluarga dan saudara-mara kepada wabak yang menggerunkan ini. Ke mana sahaja kita pergi, kita dapati manusia sedang menderita dan kesakitan – kita sedang hidup di dunia yang benar-benar bermasalah.

Orang menjadi semakin kecewa, dan kes bunuh diri semakin meningkat, dengan purata empat kes setiap hari. Pandemik ini telah menyebabkan tragedi yang tidak berkesudahan.

Presiden SGI, Encik Daisaku Ikeda berkata bahawa daripada perspektif berbelas kasihan agama Buddha, “kita tidak akan meninggalkan mereka yang sedang bergelut dalam keadaan yang susah,”(1) dan “tidak akan meninggalkan mereka yang sedang bergelut dalam kancah kesusahan, [ketika mereka] mendapati diri mereka terpencil.”(2) Beliau seterusnya menekankan bahawa dengan menerapkan semangat dan keyakinan Nichiren Daishonin, kita tidak pernah mengabaikan mereka yang sedang bergelut dalam situasi yang sukar.

Kita menganggap setiap orang tersangat penting dan tidak boleh diganti. Sejak permulaan tahun ini, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) telah memulakan kempen untuk mengadakan dialog yang berharapan dan perangsang yang berharapan berdasarkan tema “Tiada Orang yang Tertinggal” untuk menjangkaui cabaran-cabaran yang disebabkan oleh pandemik ini dengan menghantar suara perangsang kepada setiap orang.

Dengan menggunakan kepintaran mereka, bahagian belia telah mengadakan kempen “Dialog Saya, Kejayaan Saya” (“My Dialogue, My Victory”) sempena sambutan ulang tahun bahagian belia pada 11 Julai, dan berjaya mengadakan lebih daripada 20,000 dialog – satu kejayaan yang cemerlang.

Sejak bulan Julai, SGM telah mengadakan Kempen Prihatin (CARE Campaign) di seluruh negara, dengan penyertaan pemimpin- pemimpin SGM dari kesemua empat bahagian, kempen ini membolehkan mereka mengadakan dialog berdasarkan semangat ambil peduli dan prihatin. Mereka akan memberi bantuan kepada golongan yang memerlukan dan tidak akan mengabaikan sesiapa pun.

Setiap pemimpin SGM akan berusaha gigih untuk menyebarkan falsafah Soka yang mencergaskan semula bersama-sama dengan ahli dan komuniti mereka, lalu menerapkan keyakinan terhadap “memantapkan ajaran yang betul demi keamanan negara dan dunia.”

Suara itu melaksanakan kerja Buddha.” (OTT, hlm. 4) Melalui dialog dan tindakan yang prihatin, kita mampu memberi perangsang kepada orang yang hatinya kepenatan dan putus asa. Kita berupaya menghubungkan hati manusia dan menjalinkan ikatan kepercayaan, dan dengan itu mengembangkan tujuan-tujuan yang baik dalam masyarakat dan solidariti orang yang baik.

Presiden Ikeda berkata, “Seperti angin musim bunga yang dapat membangkitkan tunas hijau baharu yang lembut, perangsang yang tulus ikhlas mampu mencairkan hati yang telah membeku dan memupuk keberanian. Itulah cara yang paling kuat untuk memulihkan semula semangat manusia.”(3)

Menerusi dialog dan rangsangan, kita memberi harapan dan keberanian yang akan memarakkan kehidupan orang lain, membolehkan mereka tidak hilang arah dan menenangkan mereka. Langkah ini berupaya menyerlahkan kekuatan yang tidak kehabisan daripada dalaman mereka untuk menghadapi keadaaan yang sukar dan berani berdepan dengan situasi yang mencabar.

Walaupun kehidupan pada masa pandemik ini susah, tetapi masih ada lagi kemesraan dan kebaikan di dunia. Selagi kita terus berusaha dengan tidak mengenal penat lelah untuk mengadakan dialog dan perangsang, di samping saling membantu, selagi itulah kita akan berjaya melenyapkan kesuraman yang menyelubungi masyarakat dan menerokai jalan besar menuju ke arah kemenangan.

Pandemik ini benar-benar parah dan kita menghadapi krisis yang dahsyat, tetapi ajaran Gosho ada menyebut bahawa, “Apabila kejahatan besar berlaku, kebaikan besar akan menyusul.” (WND-1, hlm. 1119) Kita percaya bahawa umat manusia mempunyai kuasa yang tidak terbatas untuk mengatasi semua kesusahan dan krisis. Kita masih lagi mampu mencipta nilai di tengah-tengah kesusahan dan krisis.

Marilah kita teruskan dengan semangat kental yang enggan menyerah dan semangat yang tidak terkalahkan. Marilah kita melihat krisis pandemik sebagai peluang besar, satu titik perubahan untuk mengubah racun menjadi ubat, dan sama-sama membina sebuah masyarakat yang harmoni yang penuh dengan kemesraan dan kebaikan.

(1) COSMIC, Julai 2020, hlm. 25.
(2) COSMIC, April 2021, hlm. 20.