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August 2020

In This Issue

From SGM General Director

Let’s Do Joyous Contribution for the Noble Cause of Education
As we enter August, the long-awaited special financial contribution campaign for the Soka International School Malaysia (SISM) has arrived.

Marilah Lakukan Sumbangan yang Riang demi Tujuan Pendidikan yang Luhur
Apabila kita melangkah ke bulan Ogos, kempen sumbangan kewangan khas yang sekian lama ditunggu untuk Sekolah Internasional Soka Malaysia (SISM) telah tiba.

From SGI President

A Drama of Transforming Adversity into Triumph by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda


The Brilliant Path of Worldwide Kosen-rufu: Learning from The New Human Revolution Commentary on Volume 18 by SGI Vice-President Hiromasa Ikeda

Chapter Summary for Volume 19 of The New Human Revolution from the Seikyo Shimbun

“Unforgettable Scenes” – Key Episodes from Volume 18 from the Seikyo Shimbun

Excerpts from Nichiren’s Writings of Volume 18 from the Seikyo Shimbun

Peace Proposal

Towards Our Shared Future: Constructing an Era of Human Solidarity (part 2) by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

Halaman Kanak-Kanak

Raja Shrutasoma yang Menepati Janji


A Better Version of Myself Tahira Kashyap, India


Extending Ideas: Understanding Bricolage Perspectives and Phenomenon by Elias Yamani Ismail



In his 39th Peace Proposal issued on January 26, Value Creation in a Time of Crisis, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda addressed major issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic, building a global culture of harmony and human rights, the need to get rid of nuclear weapons and the climate crisis. He proposed solutions for overcoming these challenges and called on the global community to together build a society realising “happiness for both oneself and others through bringing into full play the human capacity to create value.” [1]

When we look at the world today, people are only concerned about their own interests. Most people only care about themselves and their own families, placing their personal concerns above all else. People even resort to unethical methods, even damaging and sacrificing the needs of others in order to fulfil their own interests.

Looking at our pandemic-stricken society as an example, we can see that many people have had their spirits crushed and livelihoods destroyed – they are in dire straits. But the cruel reality is that they are ignored or discriminated against, – even excluded – leaving them isolated and helpless.

Even where the supply of vaccines is concerned, we see that countries only take care of their own needs and turn a blind eye to the needs of other countries.

On this, President Ikeda stressed that we must have the determination to never leave behind those struggling in the depths of adversity, lending them a helping hand, and shine the warm glow of concern in their lives. We must enable them to bring forth the strength to live with dignity and strive to build the foundations for a society where the word “misery” is eradicated.

In “The Three Virtues of Food,” Nichiren Daishonin writes: “If one gives food to others, one will improve one’s own lot, just as, for example, if one lights a fire for others, one will brighten one’s own way.” (WND-2, pg 1060) This teaches us that when we contribute to the wellbeing of others, we ourselves will receive benefit too.

The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings states: “‘Joy’ means that oneself and others together experience joy.” (OTT, pg 146) True joy is when we and others enjoy happiness.

On this, President Ikeda says: “Happiness is something that we must each achieve for ourselves and experience in our own lives. But at the same time, one’s own happiness to the exclusion of others is not true happiness. Just being content with one’s own welfare with no concern for others is selfish. By the same token, brushing aside one’s own happiness and caring only about the happiness of others is not sufficient either. True happiness is a condition when both we ourselves and others are happy.” [2]

He also points out: “We cannot steal happiness from someone or attain it by sacrificing others for our own gain. It is something that must be shared – which is why I have always insisted that our happiness must not be built upon the misfortune of others.” [3]

We cannot live alone and isolated. Humankind has always been a community where we share joy and sorrow together. The thinking that helping others will only hurt our interests is the main reason for the terrible state that society is in today.

There is no life more noble than one dedicated to caring for and helping others, and enabling people to become happy.

Let us learn from this pandemic and transform this crisis into opportunity, and together build a society that realises happiness for both oneself and others!

[1] Pg 42 of this issue.
[2] FLOW No. 661 (01.10.2017), pg13–14.
[3] Ibid., pg 14.

As we enter August, the long-awaited special financial contribution campaign for the Soka International School Malaysia (SISM) has arrived.

This special contribution campaign, which begins on August 1 and ends on November 30, will be held via electronic and online platforms due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Members nationwide can now wholeheartedly and joyously participate in this campaign which has profound significance.

The aim of our contributions this time is for the noble cause of education, and for the important work of fostering capable people for the future and future world citizens. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda says that education is the source, the foundation of a country’s prosperity. It is a noble work, the work of “building people.”

To be able to contribute to the noble cause of education through financial contributions is not only our own glory and pride, it also enables us to accumulate great good fortune.

Although the campaign this time is affected by the pandemic, the subsequent economic impact suffered by the country, increased unemployment and the extraordinary financial challenges faced by our members, but it is precisely because of these difficult times that we must encourage our members to redouble their efforts in challenging and overcoming difficult situations, and not miss this golden opportunity in one’s life to do contributions.

President Ikeda once pointed out that from the perspective of faith, this is true compassion.

Many of our previous contribution campaigns, which were also for great causes, took place during times of economic hardship. People like Sudatta in Shakyamuni’s time and Nanjo Tokimitsu during Nichiren Daishonin’s time also faced severe financial difficulties, but they still made all-out, sincere contributions, showing us what the heart of sincere faith is all about.

We are convinced that through participating in this profoundly significant contribution campaign, members can accumulate abundant good fortune and gain great benefit. Further, as the Gosho says, “…th[is] will remain as the only memory of your present life in this human world,” (Cf. WND-1, pg 64) this campaign will leave behind indestructible golden memories in our lives.

The significance of financial contributions is not in the amount, but in the sincerity and devotion of the contributors. The benefits that they gain is decided by their determination (Jpn ichinen) in faith and spirit.

To make a precious contribution means making a vow, setting a goal and striving to our utmost in order to achieve this goal. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we must grit our teeth and fight till the very end.

As the benefits of making contributions are inestimable, we are thus introducing the motto of “Not One Missed” for this contribution campaign. We hope that we will truly not miss out a single person, nor let any member miss this opportunity and feel regret.

Let us exert ourselves to the utmost in faith and go all-out in this glorious endeavour, creating new history yet again from moment to moment!

Apabila kita melangkah ke bulan Ogos, kempen sumbangan kewangan khas yang sekian lama ditunggu untuk Sekolah Internasional Soka Malaysia (SISM) telah tiba.

Kempen sumbangan khas ini yang bermula pada 1 Ogos dan berakhir pada 30 November akan diadakan melalui platform elektronik dan atas talian disebabkan pandemik COVID-19. Ahli SGM di seluruh negara boleh turut serta dalam kempen yang mempunyai makna yang mendalam ini dengan sepenuh hati dan gembira.

Matlamat sumbangan kewangan kita kali ini bertujuan demi sebab luhur pendidikan, dan untuk tugas penting untuk mendidik serta memupuk orang yang berkebolehan untuk masa hadapan dan juga demi warga dunia masa hadapan. Presiden SGI, Encik Daisaku Ikeda pernah berkata bahawa pendidikan adalah sumber dan asas untuk kemakmuran sesebuah negara. Pendidikan adalah kerja yang luhur, kerja demi “membentuk manusia.”

Mampu memberi sumbangan demi tujuan luhur pendidikan melalui sumbangan kewangan bukan sahaja menjadi kegemilangan dan kebanggaan kita sendiri tetapi juga membolehkan kita mengumpul rezeki yang melimpah-limpah.

Walaupun kempen kali ini dipengaruhi oleh pandemik, kesan ekonomi seterusnya yang dialami negara, peningkatan pengangguran dan cabaran-cabaran kewangan luar biasa yang dihadapi oleh ahli kita, tetapi disebabkan oleh masa sukar inilah kita hendaklah menggalakkan ahli kita menggandakan usaha mereka untuk mencabar dan mengatasi situasi yang sukar, dan tidak melepaskan peluang keemasan dalam hidup seseorang ini untuk melakukan sumbangan kewangan.

Presiden Ikeda pernah berkata bahawa dari perspektif kepercayaan dalam agama, melakukan sumbangan adalah tindakan berbelas kasihan yang sejati.

Kebanyakan kempen sumbangan kewangan sebelum ini yang juga demi tujuan yang mulia diadakan semasa ekonomi menghadapi detik sukar. Tokoh seperti Sudatta pada zaman Shakyamuni dan Nanjo Tokimitsu pada zaman Nichiren Daishonin juga turut berdepan dengan masalah kewangan yang teruk, tetapi tokoh-tokoh itu tetap sedaya upaya memberi sumbangan yang tulus ikhlas, menunjukkan kepada kita hati yang berpegang kepada kepercayaan yang tulus ikhlas.

Kita penuh yakin bahawa dengan mengambil bahagian dalam kempen sumbangan kewangan yang amat bermakna ini, ahli SGM mampu mengumpul banyak rezeki dan memperoleh banyak manfaat. Tambahan pula, seperti yang diajar dalam Gosho, “…inilah yang akan kekal sebagai satu-satunya kenangan dalam hidup anda sekarang di dunia manusia ini,” (Cf. WND-1, hlm. 64) kempen ini akan meninggalkan kenangan emas yang tidak dapat dibinasakan dalam hidup kita.

Kepentingan sumbangan kewangan ini tidak terletak pada jumlahnya tetapi pada keikhlasan dan dedikasi penyumbang-penyumbangnya. Manfaat yang diperoleh oleh mereka bergantung pada tekad (bahasa Jepun: ichinen) mereka dalam kepercayaan agama dan semangat.

Untuk memberi sumbangan yang berharga bererti hendakkan melafazkan ikrar, menetapkan matlamat dan berusaha sedaya upaya untuk mencapai matlamat ini. Tidak kira bagaimanakah keadaan kita, kita hendaklah berjuang berhabis-habisan sehingga ke akhir.

Oleh kerana manfaat melakukan sumbangan kewangan tidak terkira, maka kita memperkenalkan moto “Tiada Seorang Pun yang Tercicir” (“Not One Missed”) untuk kempen sumbangan ini. Kita berharap akan benar-benar tidak mencicirkan sesiapa, walaupun satu orang atau membiarkan ada ahli yang terlepas peluang ini dan menyesal.

Marilah kita berusaha gigih dengan sepenuhnya dari segi amalan kepercayaan, bersungguh-sungguh dalam usaha yang gilang-gemilang ini, sekali lagi mencipta sejarah baharu dari semasa ke semasa!