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July 2022

In This Issue

Towards 2030

To Our Bright Beacons of Hope
Keep Moving Forward with an Upbeat Rhythm

Words from the Editor

Hello, Shin’ichi Yamamoto!

The World of NHR

Mr Ikeda, Soka Education & I

The Lion’s Story

Mr Ikeda’s Journey (15)

On the Wings of Your Dreams

Mr Ikeda’s Encouragement for the Future Division:
Athletes Are Dauntless Challengers [6]

Gosho for Me

7: Questions and Answers about Embracing the Lotus Sutra
8: On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime
9: Winter Always Turns to Spring

Buddhist Story

One-Eyed Turtle –
Grateful in Getting the Rare Driftwood

Junior Quest

SDG Warriors Game Show
Members of the SGM Junior Division

My Victory

JD Victory Sharing
Boey Pang Po Yi, Negeri Sembilan
Lee Yu Xuan, Selangor
Alexander Wilhelm, Kuala Lumpur

Winning with Earnest Prayers and Unceasing Efforts

Kong Che Xu, Kuala Lumpur

Just Ask

Making Good Friends

Stay Safe

Stay Safe, Stay Alert!

JD Good Watch

Beetle Boy

Family Kitchen

Jelly Moon Cake

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