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January 2023

In This Issue

Towards 2030

To Our Bright Beacons of Hope
Enjoy a Wonderful Summer of Challenge!

Words from the Editor

A Courageous Act of Compassion

The World of NHR

Mr Ikeda, Soka Education & I

The Lion’s Story

Mr Ikeda’s Journey (17)

On the Wings of Your Dreams

Mr Ikeda’s Encouragement for the Future Division:
The Medical and Caregiving Professions – Bodhisattvas Protecting Life [8]

Gosho for Me

1: The Hero of the World
2: The Blessings of the Lotus Sutra
3: Reply to Kyo’o

Buddhist Story

The Deer King Who Saved His Peers

My Victory

JD Victory Sharing

Adelyn Yin Kian Hui, Johor

Chua Meng Yang, Johor

Daphne Choong Yi En, Melaka

Winning with Prayers and Human Revolution

Wong Jun Mun, Australia

Stay Safe

Scammers Alert

Just Ask

What’s Wrong with Picking Out Food that I Do Not Like to Eat

JD Good Watch

Dr Suess’s The Lorax

Picture Book & Journal

Fun at the Opera


Our Beautiful Earth

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