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January 2022

In This Issue

Towards 2030

To Our Bright Beacons of Hope
Bring the Flowers of Your Mission to Bloom in Your Own Special Way

Words from the Editor

We Arise! Be the Light of Hope

The World of NHR

Mr Ikeda, Soka Education & I

The Lion’s Story

Mr Ikeda’s Journey (13)

On the Wings of Your Dreams

Mr Ikeda’s Encouragement for the Future Division:
Writers are Champions Imparting Hope [4]

Gosho for Me

1: The Bow and Arrow
2: The Kalpa of Decrease
3: Earthly Desires Are Enlightenment

Buddhist Story

The Boy Snow Mountains and the Demon

My Victory

JD Victory Sharing
Wayson Ooi, Kedah
Oscar Kheoh, Penang
Anson Au, Perak

Be Ever-Victorious with Indomitable Faith

Sin Wen Han, Kuala Lumpur

Just Ask

Our Learning Attitude

Peace Ranger

Lets Learn About the 2021 Peace Proposal

Stay Safe

Check Your Parcels

JD Good Watch

Frog and Toad

Family Kitchen

Fried Rice Cake

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