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July 2020

In This Issue

Words from the Editor

Braving the Storm!

The World of NHR

Mr Ikeda and Kosen-rufu in Singapore

The Lion’s Story

Mr Ikeda’s Journey (7)

Rainbow of Hope

Mr Ikeda Speaks on Great Figures of the World: The Kenyan Environmental Activist – Dr Wangari Maathai

Gosho for Me

Gosho Study Materials, Theme and Fundamental of Buddhism
7: On the Treasure Tower
8: The True Aspect of All Phenomena
9: The Three Obstacles and Four Devils

Buddhist Story

King Ajatashatru
Reformed and walked on the right path together with his mentor in life

Eye Spy

I am a Little Photographer

My Victory

Winning with Faith
Nicholas Chan Wern Hao, Kuala Lumpur

Victory with Gratitude
Sun Pui Yann, United States of America

Just Ask

Why can’t we enjoy freedom like adults?

Peace Ranger

Let’s Encourage the People Around Us

Stay Safe

Stay Safe, Stay Home

Hands On

A Birthday Gift for Malaysia


My Magical Toilet

Let’s Sing Together

The Rising Sun

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