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Selections from the Works of Daisaku Ikeda: The Wisdom of Creating Happiness and Peace
Part Two: Human Revolution

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Daisaku Ikeda






The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace is a common study resource for Soka Gakkai members around the world compiled from the works of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda.

Part Two, which covers the theme of human revolution, contains important guidelines on topics such as transforming karma into mission, being good citizens and how youth can cultivate winning lives.

These selections help readers manifest the courage, wisdom and compassion in their daily lives, base on Buddhist philosophy.


“Let Us Encourage Each Other and Advance Together”

Chapter 11: What Is Human Revolution?
11-1 The Theme of The Human Revolution and The New Human Revolution
11-2 Establishing the Life-State of Buddhahood
11-3 Human Revolution – A Concept of Key Importance for the 21st Century
11-4 Indicators of Human Revolution
11-5 The True Benefit of Faith Is Human Revolution
11-6 A Never-Ending Effort to Transform Reality
11-7 Developing Inner Strength
11-8 A Process of Unending Inner Transformation and Self-Improvement

Chapter 12: Transforming Karma into Mission
12-1 The Principle of “Voluntarily Assuming the Appropriate Karma”
12-2 Fulfilling Our Vow as Bodhisattvas of the Earth
12-3 The Great Drama of Human Revolution
12-4 All Karma Has Profound Meaning
12-5 Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo Holds the Key to Changing Poison into Medicine
12-6 Our Personal Experiences of Changing Karma Give Hope to Others
12-7 A Triumphant Drama
12-8 Those Who Suffer the Most Can Attain Buddhahood without Fail
12-9 A New Guide for Humanity

Chapter 13: “Faith for a Harmonious Family”
13-1 Our Own Human Revolution Is the Key to Achieving Family Harmony
13-2 The Miraculous Words “Thank You”
13-3 Showing Appreciation for Our Parents Is the Heart of Buddhism
13-4 Advice on Raising and Educating Children in the Home
13-5 Accepting Others for Who They Are
13-6 A Partnership of Deepening Love and Respect

Chapter 14: “Be Good Citizens!”
14-1 Buddhism Teaches How to Live as a Human Being
14-2 Be People Who Shine through Their Behaviour
14-3 Being Responsible, Good Citizens
14-4 Kosen-rufu Starts from Actions in Daily Life
14-5 Buddhism Manifests Itself in Society
14-6 Leading a Contributive Life
14-7 The “Greater Self” of the Bodhisattva Way
14-8 The Qualities of Global Citizens
14-9 Leading Noble Lives as Global Citizens

Chapter 15: “Faith for Overcoming Obstacles”
15-1 Adversity as a Source of Pride
15-2 Genuine Happiness Shines in the Hearts of Those Who Have Overcome Hardships
15-3 Do Not Succumb to the “Eight Winds”
15-4 There Is No Hardship We Cannot Surmount
15-5 Never Stop Practising!
15-6 Human Revolution Takes Place amid Our Struggles with Difficulties
15-7 Obstacles Enable Us to Polish Our Lives
15-8 “An Impasse Is a Critical Turning Point”
15-9 The Stronger One’s Faith, the Greater One’s Joy
15-10 Not Giving In to Doubt When Difficulties Arise
15-11 Difficulties Are Opportunities for Transforming Our Karma
15-12 A Buddha Is One Who Continues Striving
15-13 President Makiguchi’s Noble Struggle
15-14 The Significance of Nichiren Daishonin’s “Casting Off the Transient and Revealing the True”
15-15 The Soka Gakkai’s “Casting Off the Transient and Revealing the True”
15-16 The Power to Change Poison into Medicine
15-17 Encouragement to Members Suffering Natural Disasters

Chapter 16: Buddhism Is about Winning
16-1 Both Buddhism and Life Are a Struggle to Be Victorious
16-2 Human Revolution Is a Struggle with Ourselves
16-3 Buddhism Originates from Shakyamuni’s Triumph Over Inner Devilish Functions
16-4 Winning Over Ourselves Today
16-5 Challenge and Response
16-6 Stand Up with Faith Based on a Vow
16-7 Winning Means Refusing to Be Defeated
16-8 “Where There Is Unseen Virtue, There Will Be Visible Reward”
16-9 Living the Noblest Life Possible as a Human Being
16-10 Leading a Winning Life Based on the Mystic Law
16-11 “Summon Up the Courage of a Lion King”

Chapter 17: Making the Most of Each Day
17-1 Leading Fulfilling Lives Free of Regret
17-2 Examining the Causes and Effects That Exist in Our Lives in the Present
17-3 “Now Is the Last Moment of One’s Life”
17-4 Every Day Is “Time without Beginning”
17-5 How We Start the Day Is the Key to Victory in Life
17-6 “Strengthen Your Faith Day by Day and Month after Month
17-7 “One Day of Life Is More Valuable Than All the Treasures of the Major World System”

Chapter 18: Buddhism Is a Teaching of Dialogue
18-1 Dialogue Is the Essence of Buddhism
18-2 Engaging in Humanistic Dialogue
18-3 Buddhist Dialogue Shines with the Light of Human Revolution
18-4 Sharing Buddhism Begins with Our Prayers for Others’ Happiness
18-5 Perseverance and Compassion
18-6 The Key to Sharing Nichiren Buddhism
18-7 The Best Way to Benefit Others
18-8 The Ultimate Expression of Friendship
18-9 Sharing Buddhism Just as You Are
18-10 Confidently Sharing Our Convictions and Personal Experiences in Faith

Chapter 19: Making the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin Our Foundation
19-1 Three Key Reasons Why Buddhist Study Is Important
19-2 Buddhist Study to Deepen Understanding Based on Faith
19-3 A Shared Tradition of Studying the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin
19-4 “Exert Yourself in the Two Ways of Practice and Study”
19-5 Engaging in Buddhist Study Is Itself a Victory
19-6 A People-Centred Study Movement
19-7 Basing Our Lives on the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin
19-8 Make Study Your Foundation!
19-9 Study of Nichiren Buddhism Is the Driving Force for Human Revolution
19-10 The Power of Engraving the Daishonin’s Words in Our Hearts

Chapter 20: Encouragement for Youth
20-1 Courage, Conviction and Hope
20-2 The Problems of Youth Are Themselves a Source of Light
20-3 You Are Each a Precious Individual with a Special Mission
20-4 Seeking Out Challenges for Self-Development in One’s Youth
20-5 Always Look to the Future
20-6 Keep Moving Forward
20-7 Live with an Invincible Spirit
20-8 To Young Women’s Division Members
20-9 True Happiness Is Having Good Friends
20-10 To Appreciate and Care for One’s Parents Is the Basis of Genuine Humanity
20-11 Trustworthiness Is the Greatest Asset for Youth
20-12 Our Workplace Is an Important Stage for Our Human Revolution
20-13 Work and Faith Are One and Inseparable
20-14 Those Who Are Strong Stand Alone
20-15 Personal Relationships
20-16 Love as a Source of Growth
20-17 Guidance on Marriage
20-18 “Learning Is Light, Ignorance Is Darkness”
20-19 Be Suns Illuminating a New World
20-20 Cherish High Ideals
20-21 Ushering in a New Dawn of Human Rights
20-22 Youth, I’m Counting on You!