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Information in BM (PDF) – BANJIR: Apa Tindakan Anda?

FLOOD: What should you do?

Preparation before a flood

  • Get flood information in your area.
  • Confirm the flood warning system.
  • Check that the drains and channels around are not blocked.
  • Check and make sure the lid of the septic tank is tightly closed.
  • Get information on the evacuation centres.

When a flood is imminent. . . . . .

  • Turn on the radio, TV for flood announcements.
  • Store clean water in buckets that are in good condition and keep them at higher ground.
  • Be prepared to turn off the main switches for electricity, water and gas.
  • Move the outdoor furniture into the house.
  • Place electrical appliances in high places.
  • Store important documents in a waterproof container and carry along with your basic emergency kit bag pack.
  • Notify your neighbours and prepare for evacuation.

Flood Alert

In the event of a flood (when inside the house)

  • Listen to radio announcements about the flood.
  • Prepare the emergency kit bag pack.
  • If you receive an official evacuation notice, evacuate immediately.

In the event of a flood (when outside the house)

  • Evacuate to higher grounds that is safe and away from rivers, ditches and open spaces.
  • Don’t hang out or paddle in flooded areas.
  • Do not touch any cables, wires.
  • Warn children not to play in rivers, ditches, mine lakes or flooded areas.

In the event of a flood (when in the car)

  • Don’t cross the flooded areas, please turn around.
  • If the car engine stalls and cannot be ignited, get out of the car, lock the car and leave to a safe place.

When it is necessary to evacuate

  • When you are instructed to evacuate, please evacuate immediately.
  • It is safer and easier to evacuate before the water level rises or during the day.
  • Follow the planned evacuation route, the shortcuts may be blocked or dangerous.

Flood Alert

After the flood

  • Listen to radio or official announcements, please do not go home without permission.
  • Aid your neighbours or people with special needs.
  • Inspect your home for signs of sinking or cracking, these are signs of danger.

When entering the house

  • Please wear shoes or slippers.
  • Check for damage on the walls, floors, doors and windows.
  • Beware of cracked and falling of ceilings, plaster walls, etc.
  • Check for signs of poisonous and dangerous animals.
  • Use sticks to remove obstacles that scattered in the house

Check for life-threatening hazards

  • Check water or gas pipes for damage or leaks.
  • Check the electrical wiring and appliances submerged in water.
  • Check whether there are flammable substances entering the house (eg: kerosene, gasoline, etc.).
  • Discard food submerged in water or contaminated by flood water, including canned food.
  • Inspect septic tanks for damage to avoid biological hazards.
  • Report any damage to public facilities (eg water, electricity, gas supply) to the relevant authorities immediately.

Flood Alert

Be Prepared to Face Disaster: Ready2go Bag

  1. Water
  2. Whistle
  3. Money
  4. Important Documents
  5. Hygiene Kit
  6. Torch light & Batteries
  7. First Aid Kit & Medicines
  8. Telephone & Power Bank
  9. Clothes, Shoes & Blanket
  10. Food that can be stored
  11. Mini Portable Battery Radio

Flood Alert

Emergency Hotline and Websites

Police / Ambulance / Fire Fighters
TEL: 999 or 112    WEB:

HP Apps for deaf

HP Apps for blind

HP Apps for Police

National Disaster Command Centre (NDCC)

National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA)

Disaster Operations Control Centre (PKOB) Hotline
TEL: 03-8064 2400 (24 hours)

The Official Web Of Public Infobanjir

TNB Electric: Power Outage TNB Careline
TEL: 15454

TELEKOM MALAYSIA: Technical Assistance Telekom Careline
TEL: 100

Helpline for Women: 1 Stop Crisis Center
TEL: 03 2615 3333

Helpline for Women: All Women Action Society Malaysia (AWAM)
TEL: 03 7877 4221

Helpline for Women: Women Aid Organization (WAO)
TEL: 03 7956 3488

The Malaysian Civil Defence (APM)

State   District Disaster Operation Control Centres No. Telephone
Perlis Kangar 04-9777991 / 04-9778991
Kedah Alor Setar 04-7323810 / 04-7323801
Pulau Pinang Timur Laut (Georgetown) 04-2263876
Perak Kinta Ipoh (State Operation Control Centre) 05-5278715
Selangor Klang 03-33710820
WP Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur 03-26871400
Pahang Kuantan 09-5181991
Terengganu Kuala Terengganu 09-6668246 / 09-6672991
Kelantan Kota Bharu 09-7474091
Negeri Sembilan Seremban 06-7645755
Melaka Melaka Tengah 06-2324028
Johor Johor Bharu 07-2349706 / 07-2349708 / 07-2349709
Sabah Kota Kinabalu 088-232440 / 088-232453
Sarawak Kuching