Words from the Publisher

In 2004, Prof. Tay Lian Soo, the world-renowned Sinologist who was then the Director of the Research Institute of Chinese Ethnicity and Culture at Southern College, lamented: “Scholars dedicated their whole life seeking none other than establishing theories and contributing knowledge; Hsu Yun Tsiao was an expert of Southeast Asian history. Ifhis works are allowed to diffuse or submerge, it will be a loss, not only to the academic and cultural community, but also to our society and our country.”

Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) is truly fortunate to be highly regarded by Prof. Tay, and further, recommended SGM to publish The Complete Works of Hsu Yun Tsiao. I still remember he sent me a letter at that time, saying: “One of the important reasons why Chinese culture and education in Malaysia remain superficial and can hardly be deep- rooted is that, we are unable to accumulate our cultural heritage. We have our culture, but very often ‘when a man expires, his work will stop’; similarly, when people are gone, the cultures disappear and cannot be passed on to the future generations. In order to make up for this problem, we should try our best to preserve the cultures so that the next generation can continue from this point at any time without having to start all over again. Therefore, I would like to suggest your esteemed organisation to publish the complete works of this renowned scholar, so that his classics can be preserved and passed down forever for the reference of future generations.”

Words from the Chief Editor

Hsu Yun Tsiao, a renowned scholar of Southeast Asian history, was a hardworking and thrifty man who dedicated his whole life to the academics. Until now, there are still many of his achievements which have yet to be explored. After his death, his collection of books was scattered while all his authored works almost disappeared. This was not only a great loss to the academic circles of Southeast Asia but also to the Southeast Asian Chinese community. The community should feel great remorse towards this great scholar.

Under the writer’s suggestion, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) gladly committed to publishing The Complete Works of Hsu Yun Tsiao, so that the almost-perished academic works could be saved and the scholar’s painstaking efforts preserved. Although the importance of the significance cannot be denied, the spirit and courage displayed warrants even more praise.......

Editorial Board of The Complete Works of Hsu Yun-Tsiao  

Chief Editor : Prof. Tay Lian Soo
Associate Editor : Mr Choi Kwai Keong, Dr Lew Bon Hoi
Editorial Board : Dr Wang Xiao Mei, Mr Koh Sia Feai, Dr Ho Khai Leong, Dr Hou Kok Chung, Dr Lim Chooi Kwa, Dr Liau Ping Leng 

8 volumes 23 books of The Complete Works of Hsu Yun-Tsiao

Vol. 1 History & Geography of Southeast Asia (5 books)
Vol. 2 Overseas Chinese of Southeast Asia (2 books)
Vol. 3 Historical Facts & Study (3 books)
Vol. 4 Linguistic Studies (2 books)
Vol. 5 Thematic Studies (1 book)
Vol. 6 History & Anecdotes (1 book)
Vol. 7 Literature & Miscellaneous Writings (5 books)
Vol. 8 Translation Works (4 books) 


Hsu Yun-Tsiao


Hsu Yun-Tsiao, (1905-1981) well-known as “a scholar of a generation and Dean of Southeast Asian studies,” was also an associate professor of the Faculty of History and Geography of Nanyang University. He was also the editor of Journal of South Seas Society, Journal of Southeast Asian Research, Young Malayans; deputy president of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society and deputy president of the China Studies Society. His promotion and encouragement on the research on Southeast Asia can be summarised as writing, publishing journals and forming related societies in Southeast Asian Studies.

Coming from China when he was 26 years old, Mr Hsu was active in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Until his death at 76, Mr Hsu had involved in over fifty years of academic career, deeply engaged in the research on Southeast Asia and the Chinese in South seas. His other works included codification, series notes, annotation, translation, collating, editing, organisation, revision and teaching - achieving works far beyond the ordinary. He was also widely involved in creating poetry, literature, children literature, linguistics studies, folk beliefs and historical records, enjoying high reputation and status among Asian and international scholars.

Mr Hsu sacrificed his life for Southeast Asian studies, taking learning as more important than his own life, leading an arduous life as a scholar who would sacrifice even his own life in his quest for knowledge. He left to posterity valuable cultural heritage, making indelible contributions to culture and education in Malaysia and Singapore. He was heard saying “I do not know that old age is coming.” The seeking spirit he exhibited in conducting constant research, writing and publishing had stood him out as a giant in the academia.

About the Publisher

Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) is an organisation that promotes peace in society through cultural exchanges and humanistic education, based on the life affirming philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism.

“Soka” means creating value. As Buddhists engaged in society, we believe that all human beings, regardless of gender, ethnicity or social standing, have the power to overcome life’s challenges and develop a life of immense value. 

The SGM's publishing endeavours are also aimed at educating the public through publication to enrich humanity with the noble vision of "promoting the human spirit and improving the quality of society".

The publishing of The Complete Works of Hsu Yun-Tsiao is SGM's concrete contribution towards the construction of culture and enhancement of Malaysian history.

For more information about the Soka Gakkai Malaysia, please visit www.sgm.org.my

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