Introduction of Activities -- Humanism In Action

Peace can never be attained by passively waiting for it. Everything that is needed to build a culture of peace exists in each of our hearts.

Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) aims to apply a philosophy of humanism in the fields of peace, culture and education. These three fields correspond to the qualities inherent in humankind as most worthy of respect: a sense of responsibility, compassion and wisdom. SGM members work to foster a culture of peace, raising awareness of our common humanity and forging links among people where cultural differences are embraced and appreciated.

We firmly believe that the wellbeing of humanity is inextricably linked to the well-being of our natural environment. We promote sustainable living and development through education as well as projects such as tree planting and clean-up activities.

We also organise activities that promote a culture of peace in society, including actively participate in interfaith dialogue and initiatives that are aimed at fostering mutual understanding, building on our common humanity and working together toward the resolution of fundamental issues facing humanity.

Besides that, we respond to humanitarian emergencies through fund-raising and collection of relief supplies. These are either delivered direct to affected areas or are given to agencies responsible for emergency assistance.

In recognition of SGM’s involvement in various cultural and art activities, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism Malaysia presented SGM with the Arts Supporter Award at the National Arts Award on February 27, 2004. The National Arts Award, introduced in 1993, recognises outstanding contribution to the development of arts and culture by individuals and organisations. SGM was the recipient for the non-governmental organisation category.


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