COSMIC 2021 September: From SGM General Director

Expanding the Solidarity of Hope and Victory – Launching the “My Dialogue, My Victory” Campaign ◄ Back to Cosmic 2021 September

On August 14, in the shadow of this severe pandemic, we have launched the “My Dialogue, My Victory” campaign, following the CARE campaign. We are calling upon leaders and members nationwide to participate and achieve five million dialogues from August 14 till before November 18 next year (2022).

This dialogue campaign is one where we, through our voices, soothe the hearts of those who have been tormented by the pandemic and rouse their fighting spirit and courage to overcome adverse situations. At the same time, we aim to pierce the gloom shrouding our surroundings and illuminate society.

The voice carries out the work of the Buddha.” (OTT, pg 4) Through our voices, we do the work of Buddhas, chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for our friends and carry out sincere dialogues. We also spread the great philosophy of the Mystic Law, inspiring and enlightening our friends, and also imparting hope and courage. Our voice has the power to revitalise people’s lives.

Dialogue and encouragement may seem inconspicuous, but they have tremendous power. They can bring people’s hearts together and are down-to-earth actions for kosen-rufu. One dialogue after another, one encouragement after another – this can create countless Buddhist connections. Expanding and accumulating such good bonds is the eternal formula for the development of kosen-rufu.

In fact, what SGI President Daisaku Ikeda has done the most in his life are dialogue and encouragement. He says his life is one based on dialogue and that “most of my time is spent encouraging and supporting others.”(1)

It is President Ikeda’s conviction that each dialogue helps expand Buddhist connections and creates peace. As long as we ceaselessly carry out dialogue, we can definitely open up a beautiful, great path of coexistence for humanity.

President Ikeda has encouraged countless people around the world. Over the course of his life, which is devoted to kosen-rufu, he has striven tirelessly in conducting dialogue with world leaders and leading intellectuals from all over the world, numbering over 7,000 people in total.

Nichiren Daishonin once wrote the words “Winter always turns to spring” (WND-1, pg 536) to encourage the lay nun Myoichi, who was frail and had lost her husband. This infinitely warm encouragement must have given her great strength. This phrase, “winter always turns to spring,” as President Ikeda says, “will continue to impart boundless hope to billions of people around the world who are searching for true happiness.”(2) This shows that words of encouragement can help manifest great power and create great value!

Our society is one that has been hit hard by the pandemic, and all around we see people who are troubled and burdened. Let us eradicate the insecurity and sorrow in people’s hearts through dialogue and encouragement, bring out the indefatigable fighting spirit within our lives, and expand the solidarity of hope, victory and Soka (value creation)!


(1) FLOW 649 dated 01.04.2017, pg 11 / SGI Newsletter No. 9371 dated 18.03.2016.
(2) SGI Newsletter No. 9095 dated 25.09.2014.


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