COSMIC 2021 February: From SGM General Director

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COVID-19 has been around for about a year. Not only has the pandemic not subsided, it is still raging all around the world, and Malaysia is no exception. The soaring number of cases drove the government to enforce the Movement Control Order (MCO) once again.

What makes things more worrisome is that there are forecast scenarios stating that the pandemic will worsen, with some 8,000 new cases each day by mid-March, even exceeding 10,000.

There are also fears that the Thaipusam and Chinese New Year celebrations could cause even more infections – it’s truly worrying.

After a year’s hard battle, we have yet to win. This is because the measures implemented are not strict enough and people’s awareness on fighting this disease is insufficient. There are even those who are ignorant, selfish and do not follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs). They adopt a lackadaisical, even arrogant attitude towards this disease.

As a result, it is our medical personnel who are saving lives and protecting our health against this epidemic on the front lines who have suffered the most. Over the past year, they have become physically and mentally exhausted, and there is no end in sight in this long journey against this pandemic.

The people are suffering even more – many have lost their jobs or seen their careers collapse. Every field and industry have been hit. The government is even deeply worried that if this situation goes on for too long, people could starve to death and the country could go bankrupt.

After this one year, we cannot help but reflect on the painful lessons we have experienced, carefully examine our mistakes, fix the situation and formulate new strategies so that we can end this pandemic as soon as possible.

The people must have a new awareness about COVID-19. This disease is dangerous, all around us, and is constantly mutating. It does not discriminate – men or women, young or old, rich or poor. As long as you let down your guard for even a moment, you will be infected.

What scares us the most is that even if you have taken the necessary precautions, you are still at risk of getting infected, because you do not know if the people you come in contact with are infected or not.

In any case, each person must do everything they can, play their part and take all necessary precautions. We must not only take care of ourselves, but others as well, work closely with the government and authorities, and be united as one so that we can win over this pandemic.

On the global level, we hope that each country will cast aside all prejudice and regard all of humankind as one community that shares the same destiny, focusing on saving and protecting hundreds of millions of lives, making good health a priority, and work together in solid unity to come up with a strategy that can defeat this pandemic.

Though the times are dark, we cannot give up hope. As President Ikeda says, as long as we have hope, we can open up a path. Even an unending chain of suffering can become opportunities for a great leap forward.

We practise the Mystic Law, the fundamental force of the great universe and the eternal fundamental law. As long as we uphold faith to the very end and take action, we can transform all adversity, overcome all difficulties and build a beautiful world.


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