COSMIC 2020 November



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From SGM General Director
Malaysia Ratifies the TPNW
Malaysia Meratifikasi TPNW

From SGI President
Transforming Hardship into Happiness and Joy by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

The Brilliant Path of Worldwide Kosen-rufu: Learning from The New Human Revolution Commentary on Volume 21 by SGI Vice-President Hiromasa Ikeda
Chapter Summary for Volume 21 of The New Human Revolution from the Seikyo Shimbun
“Unforgettable Scenes” - Key Episodes from Volume 21 from the Seikyo Shimbun
Excerpts from Nichiren’s Writings of Volume 21 from the Seikyo Shimbun
True Victory Depends on Fostering Capable Successors by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda

Halaman Kanak-Kanak
Raja Ashoka yang Membina Keamanan

Creating My Vow for Kosen-rufu Pippa Turne, United Kingdom

Connecting to a Higher Spiritual Source by Leong Tuck Yee



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