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“Just as a river grows from one small spring, a mighty river for peace could grow from each such individual member.”(1)

Everything begins from one person. The great endeavour of kosen-rufu and peace is no exception.

On October 2, 1960, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda set off from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, taking the first step for his journey of worldwide kosen-rufu, with a passionate resolve for peace burning brightly in his heart.

He did so for the sake of realising his mentor Josei Toda’s injunction to him to “step out into the world,” and to take the first step in opening up a great river of peace and happiness. During this maiden trip, he visited the US, Canada and Brazil.

Today, this journey of worldwide kosen- rufu is now 60 years old.This wave of peace and happiness that one man stirred 60 years ago has now become a great multitude of ripples and waves.

When President Ikeda stepped out into the world in 1960,Japan and the world were in turmoil. It was a tumultuous time and the people were suffering.

With this state of affairs as the background, President Ikeda was convinced that the sun of peace would rise and herald the arrival of a new dawn in the history of humankind.

In these 60 years, President Ikeda has visited 54 countries and territories worldwide.Wherever he went, he chanted daimoku ceaselessly, praying for the happiness of members there and the prosperity of the location he visited. He gave wholehearted encouragement and guidance to everyone that he met on these visits.

Thanks to his arduous struggle, capable Bodhisattvas of the Earth appeared everywhere. Today, they form a powerful force dedicated to protecting the peace of our world and each country.

As SGIVice-President Hiromasa Ikeda has said, this journey of kosen-rufu that began in 1960 is one that opened the curtain for a world religion.

In that year, Nichiren Buddhism had yet to transcend Japan’s borders, but through President Ikeda’s 60-year struggle, Nichiren Buddhism has spread to 192 countries and territories and has become a world religion, creating an unprecedented development in the history of Buddhism.

As President Ikeda said:“Now, the SGI has spread to 192 countries and territories, and daimoku filled with the wish for peace and happiness can be heard somewhere around the world 24 hours a day.”(2) The “great wind” of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo will not cease no matter who might try to block it.(3) Such an age, where this “great wind” is blowing throughout the world, has truly arrived.

President Ikeda’s actions throughout the world have also realised the prophecies of the westward transmission of Buddhism and “kosen- rufu throughout Jambudvipa (the whole world),” enabling Nichiren Buddhism to truly become a world religion.

“One is the mother of ten thousand.” (WND-1, pg 131) The struggle that President Ikeda commenced in 1960 has caused ensuing waves and ripples and created a new history for humankind.

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