Books: Buddhism: Faith, Practise and Study - The Basics of Nichiren Buddhism

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TITLE: Faith, Practise and Study - The Basics of Nichiren Buddhism
Author: Daisaku Ikeda
Publisher: SGM
Year of published: 2019
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 078-967-0329-62-8
Price: RM20.00


The key to the Soka Gakkai's development as a world religion is no doubt due to its members dedicating themselves to faith, practice, and study in the same spirit as the mentor. Let us study earnestly study President Ikeda's lectures on faith, practice, and study, and basing ourselves on the Gosho, which form part of the “The Buddhism of the Sun - Illuminating the World" series.

Faith, Practice, and Study: The Basics of Nichiren Buddhism
■ The Faith of the Soka Gakkai: Unlocking Immeasurable Good Fortune and Benefit
■ The Practice of the Soka Gakkai: Carrying Out Bodhisattva Practice in the Present Day
■ The Buddhist Study of the Soka Gakkai: Elevating People's Life-State

Basing Ourselves on the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin
■ The Great Path to Victory in Kosen-rufu and in Life
■ Our Hearts Resounding with the Lion's Roar of Shared Struggle