COSMIC 2020 March: From SGM General Director

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For the sake of fostering capable global citizens, SGM has decided to build the Soka International School (SIS) in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

When this was announced, members nationwide rejoiced. Upon learning that another institution devoted to realising Soka education and fostering capable people who will contribute towards the happiness of humanity and world peace would be built, members and leaders were overjoyed.

To complete this once-in-a-lifetime great endeavour in education, SGM will hold a special financial offerings campaign that will span six sessions over three years, beginning this April.

The benefits from making sincere offerings is truly immeasurable. The Lotus Sutra states: “The benefits one gains thereby will be such that even the buddha wisdom could never finish calculating their extent.” (LSOC23, pg 328) How immeasurable and boundless are the benefits of making offerings, that even the Buddha’s wisdom is unable to calculate them. The benefits accrue not only to ourselves. Nichiren Daishonin teaches: “The benefits from this will extend to your parents, your grandparents…” (WND-1, pg 533) Our family members and also future generations will receive benefits.

As the benefits of making financial offerings are so great, we hope not one of our members will be left behind during this campaign. Let everyone accumulate great good fortune. The current economic situation is gloomy and the Covid-19 outbreak are also affecting many businesses as well. However, as long as we uphold sincere faith, make a firm determination and strive against all obstacles, we will be able to attain boundless good fortune and advance towards the path of Buddhahood.

SGI President Daisaku Ikeda said: “The ‘time’ is important in the development of kosen-rufu…By striving wholeheartedly in our practice, without ever missing the ‘time,’ the crucial moment, we will be able to fulfil our mission and attain Buddhahood in this lifetime.”(1)

Now at this time when SGM is building the SIS, we hope our members will seize the rare opportunity at this wonderful time to lend a hand towards the realisation of this great endeavour in education.

Looking back at the establishment of the SGM Culture Centre (1988), Tadika Seri Soka (1995), Wisma Kebudayaan SGM (2001) and the SGI Asia Culture and Education Centre (2016), members who took part in the financial offering campaigns then were glad they had the opportunity. Their meritorious deeds have become for them “the only memory of [their] present life in this human world” (WND-1, pg 64) and a golden memory.

President Ikeda believes that building humanity is the noblest endeavour, and that fostering our children is building the future. Thus, he regards education as a most noble endeavour and had declared that education will be the final undertaking of his life.

Education is indubitably the foundation of human happiness and driving force for creating peace. From this perspective, the ultimate aim of education and kosen-rufu are one and the same.

Let us embrace the ironclad unity of many in body, one in mind and strive to ensure the completion of the SIS in 2023, and create history from moment to moment!

(1) Daisaku Ikeda, The New Human Revolution, vol. 26, chapter 4 “Bold Advance.”


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