COSMIC 2019 August: From SGM General Director

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The “1233 New Dawn Block” campaign that was launched at the start of the year is now in full swing all over the country.

Currently, New Dawn Blocks are emerging one after another throughout the nation at all times of the day.

The achievement of each New Dawn Block was by no means an easy task. Behind each achievement lies the hard work and effort of many youth and leaders. We must celebrate and applaud what they have done.

The New Dawn Block campaign is a campaign of great good. In this campaign, there is the great good of shakubuku, and encouraging our members to enshrine the Gohonzon as the object of devotion for their practice of Buddhism. In addition, we are fostering youth as capable successors and elevating our Buddhist study movement.

There have been many leaders and members who have accumulated good fortune and shared their experiences. Through their struggles in this campaign, they have strengthened their faith, and experienced the joy and significance of this campaign.

We would like to suggest that all of us widely share these invaluable experiences and speak about these wondrous efforts with people. Let the sense of joy and victory from these experiences spread to more people. Let even more members understand this campaign’s profound significance – a campaign of great good that can truly transform our karma – and enable them to participate actively in it.

In the world of faith, the amount of good fortune we gain and how firmly we establish the path of happiness in our life is in direct proportion to how much action we take and how much we strive for the sake of others. This is in strict accord with the law of cause and effect.

To the blocks that have achieved the 1233 goals and become New Dawn Blocks, we hope that you will help the blocks that have yet to achieve these goals.

As we strive towards the same goals, let’s encourage each other, let’s share with and help each other. By doing this, we can join hearts and strengthen our comradeship, and also engender an atmosphere of mutual encouragement which can strengthen unity throughout the organisation nationwide.

At the end of June, only 500 out of the 1,745 blocks nationwide have become New Dawn Blocks, leaving us far from our ultimate goal. However, as President Ikeda once said, “The greater the challenge we face, the more joyful our advance should be! Let’s take on challenges cheerfully! This is the essence of Buddhism, the highest way of living.”(1)

As long as comrades nationwide unite in the spirit of many in body, one in mind and uphold the high spirits we now enjoy, we will definitely achieve our goal.

President Josei Toda said: “We must be successful in any campaign for kosen-rufu.” The New Dawn Block campaign is part of the great work of kosen-rufu. We must win; defeat is unacceptable.

This year is the Year of Soka Victory, and we must win in all our endeavours for kosen-rufu. Only then does the Year of Soka Victory has true meaning.

Dear comrades, let us uphold and build up this drive and spirit we have, foster unity nationwide, double our efforts, and gain total victory as we advance towards the 90th anniversary of the Soka Gakkai.

(1) From a speech given on June 28, 1993 (tentative translation).


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