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Celebrating the 55th Anniversary of Malaysian Kosen-rufu and the 35th Anniversary of SGM’s Establishment

Time passes so quickly. Kosen-rufu in Malaysia has gone through a 55-year long journey, and Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) has arrived at its 35year milestone.

Though 35 years or 55 years may seem to us like a long time, from the perspective of the great river of history, it is but a brief moment. Looking back at the journey that has been, we can see that there has been numerous challenges and hardships, just like how SGI President Daisaku Ikeda has described the historic endeavour of kosen-rufu: it is a journey of great hardship in which we will be sailing in the midst of raging storms, buffeted endlessly by mighty, crashing waves that show no mercy.

How did kosen-rufu in Malaysia develop to the scale we see today? It is all thanks to the toil and sweat, the selfless efforts of our pioneers and countless nameless ordinary citizens, that this path has been opened. This solid foundation and wonderful achievements of kosenrufu that they have built will be eternally engraved in the history of Malaysian kosen-rufu.

A Chinese proverb states: “When drinking water, always think of the source (meaning to always have gratitude).” As we now celebrate the 55th anniversary of Malaysian kosen-rufu and the 35th anniversary of SGM’s establishment (5535), we must first express appreciation and show gratitude for our pioneers’ efforts and contributions.

No matter how much time goes by, we must never forget what they have done for us.

Even more importantly, we in Malaysia must never forget the great debt of gratitude we owe our mentor President Ikeda.

President Ikeda visited Malaysia in 1988 and 2000, opening up a path for culture and education, and leaving behind very important guidance and guidelines for us. He wrote a golden history of kosen-rufu here and opened for us the golden door to kosen-rufu in the 21st century. Let us continue to advance intrepidly upon the path of the mentor.

Another significance of the 5535 celebrations is for us to reflect on the past, make a conclusion and look ahead into the future. Let us exert all-new efforts and build, upon this new foundation, a grand edifice that reaches new heights for kosenrufu.

In the past, there had been some poor practices, obstacles and stumbling blocks that hindered our progress; we must eradicate them. We must instead treasure and uphold the good traditions and practices that we have built, and expand upon them.

The most important guidance President Ikeda has consistently called upon us to practise is the unity of many in body, one in mind. Unity has always been SGM’s finest tradition, and we must uphold it. We must never forget President Ikeda’s eternal guidelines for us: “Create a Magnificent Human Castle of the World’s Foremost Unity!” and “The World’s Foremost Unity.”

President Ikeda says to all SGM members: “If there exists the unity of faith, no matter how steep the peaks of kosen-rufu may be, we will be able to scale them.”(1) The key to achieving absolute victory – in fact, the only way – is for us to strive as a Soka family united in a shared struggle.

As we look to the future of this journey of kosen-rufu, we must bear in mind and be vigilant against the numerous persecutions and obstacles that lie ahead, and the appearance of traitors who will disrupt the unity within the organisation.

The path of kosen-rufu is never a smooth one. President Ikeda has described it as being “steep and treacherous”, and “an all-out struggle.” What will enable us to triumph over the trials that lie ahead is our unity.

Our seniors have left behind a glorious history for our 5535 celebrations. We must learn the lessons they have imparted, and as we look towards the future, develop further the great work of kosen-rufu, writing an eternally brilliant history!

(1) COSMIC, January 2016, pg 53.


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