Exhibition "GANDHI, KING, IKEDA: A Legacy of Building Peace"

GANDHI, KING, IKEDA: A Legacy of Building PeaceThe exhibition "GANDHI, KING, IKEDA: A Legacy of building Peace" delivers a striking message about individual leadership and the difference that one person can make in promoting peace through non-violent action. Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Daisaku Ikeda, three men from three different cultures and continents have followed a common path of profound dedication and achievement in improving the lives of all people.

They have each, in their respective lifetimes, fought for non-violence, human rights and world peace. Mohandas K. Gandhi led the campaign against the colonial rule of the British Empire, Martin Luther King fought against the injustices and prejudice built against people of colour in America and Daisaku Ikeda encourages millions of civilians in the world to live a life of dignity and to work for world peace.

"GANDHI, KING, IKEDA: A Legacy of Building Peace" was created by Dr. Lawrence E. Carter Sr., Dean of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at the Morehouse College in Atlanta, USA with the hope that by examing the lives of these great figures, viewers will find these lofty ideals and principles within the grasp of their own daily existence. For it is within the mundane realm of daily living that Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Daisaku Ikeda have sought to forge an existence filled with dignity, freedom and happiness for all people.

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