Press Releases: SGM Organised Prayer Sessions and Donation Campaign for the East Coast Massive Flood Victims

January 2, 2015 ◄ Back to list

A massive flood attacks several states in East Coast since December of 2014, which caused major disaster and more than 100,000 victims were made homeless.

Based on the humanistic spirit of the Buddhist compassion to share the people’s suffering, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) has organised several Special Prayer Sessions at its 25 culture centres and community centres nationwide on the new year’s day of January 1st, 2015. Approximate 10,000 SGM members gathered to pray for the safety of the victims and improvement of flood situation, as well as the early recovery of the affected areas by the East Coast massive flood. SGM also holds ‘Donation Campaign in aid of the East Coast flood victims’ among its members during the prayer sessions.

SGM has joint effort with Sin Chew Media for the East Coast Massive Flood relief campaign. The volunteers are ready to render their assistance to the victims at the affected areas.mony. The handover of the donation was witnessed by Liu Pangxiang, First Secretary of the Embassy of Republic China, Chan Yin Kwan and Chia Kok Peng, representatives of SGM PR Department. Counsellor Gong Chunssn thanked SGM’s members sincerely for the donation and as well as for the kind concern and sympathy. On top of that, he also promised to utilize the donation to help those affected. In return, he presented a certificate of appreciation to SGM as a sign of gratitude.

Contact: SGM Public Relations Department, Chia Kok Peng
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