COSMIC 2014 December: From SGM General Director

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Time waits for no man. 2014 is ending, and we’ll be welcoming 2015, the Year of Dynamic Development in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu.

SGI President Daisaku Ikeda wrote: “The Chinese character yaku, which is translated here as ‘dynamic,’ also has the meaning of ‘leaping,’ ‘bounding,’ or ‘dancing.’ To move forward with our bodies and minds dancing with joy – this is the spirit of dynamic development or progress.”(1)

He adds: “In addition, one of the two component elements of the Chinese character yaku has the meaning of ‘foot’ or ‘leg.’ Having a solid foundation to stand on gives one immeasurable strength. This foundation is comprised of such things as our family, our community, our workplace or school, and so on – forming a rich brocade of life created from countless interwoven threads of human relationships.

The second component element of the Chinese character yaku is said to derive from a depiction of a bird flapping its wings as it prepares to take flight.

May each of you spread your wings wide and soar freely on the stage of your mission.”(2)

Every SGM member is a protagonist in the Year of Dynamic Development in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu. When each person grow and play their respective roles, worldwide kosen-rufu in the new era will achieve dynamic development, thereby illuminating further the world we live in.

In 2015, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) will adopt the three key directions of “shakubuku and expansion”, “fostering capable people” and “strengthening Buddhist study”, and emphasise on these three key activities:

• The special contribution campaigns for the SGI Southeast Asia Training Centre
• Run for Peace
• The “Everything You Treasure: For a World Free From Nuclear Weapons” exhibition

On shakubuku and expansion, sharing our own experiences of practising Buddhism and taking on our unique challenges in the expansion of kosen-rufu will enable us to encourage family members to be part of SGM, and we can introduce Buddhism to them

Fostering capable people calls upon us to provide sincere encouragement at the chapter, district and group levels. We can also encourage entire families to perform daily gongyo and participate in SGM activities together.

We should also enthusiastically encourage leaders to participate in the SGM Training Academy, where they’ll receive training and enhance their capabilities.

Speaking of strengthening Buddhist study, we should assiduously study the Gosho and the guidance of SGI President Ikeda and the three founding presidents of the Soka Gakkai. We must also earnestly seek the philosophical wisdom of Buddhist humanism and muster the courage to sit for the SGM Appointment-level Buddhist study examinations next year. Challenging Buddhist study is yet another way to enhance our life-condition.

Most crucial of all is harmony and unity. If SGM members cannot be harmoniously united, the dynamic development of kosen-rufu could not be achieved.

Why unity? SGI President Ikeda pointed out: ““If you are serious about achieving unity, you mustn’t criticise or say bad things about other members behind their backs. That just gives negative functions a gap through which to enter and create schisms within the organisation, which could lead to the demise of the Daishonin’s teachings.”(3)

Nichiren Daishonin stressed thus in the Gosho: “…always remember that believers in the Lotus Sutra should absolutely be the last abuse one another.”(4) We must never resort to slandering or denigrating our comrades behind their backs when something unfavourable occurs.

SGI President Ikeda further noted: “To achieve unity, we need to carry out our own human revolution. We can’t create unity without overcoming our own self-centredness and egotism.”(5)

Let us make embark on the journey of kosen-rufu in the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple, with the same spirit as our mentor and ceaselessly aspire to achieve unity!

Advancing towards the Year of Dynamic Development in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu in Harmonious Unity

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