Press Releases: The Lotus Sutra Exhibition Closed in High Note with More Than 70,000 Visitors

May 18, 2014 ◄ Back to list

After being on display for 93 days, the exhibition “THE LOTUS SUTRA – A MESSAGE OF PEACE AND HARMONIOUS COEXISTENCE” co-organised by Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) and The Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) has finally came to a glorious close with a total of 71,168 visitors, since its opening on 15 February 2014. This grand total number of visitors is a record-breaking feat for any exhibition SGM have organized thus far.

The co-organisers have received many positive and encouraging feedbacks from the visitors of diverse background and of different faiths including those from the Islamic faith and other Buddhist groups as well. From government minister, representatives from embassies, scholars, celebrities, businesspersons to ordinary people, The Lotus Sutra Exhibition had attracted many visitors due to its message of peace and harmonious coexistence. 

Many of these visitors not only visited for the first time but some even returned to visit the exhibition more than once. During such encounters, people were able to find and further appreciate the common universal values we share. By extending the circles of friendship and understanding, the co-organisers believe that this has also contributed to creating a wave of peace and harmony in our society.

Mr Koh Sia Feai, General Director of SGM attributed the overwhelming response of the exhibition to the charisma of The Lotus Sutra as the King of Sutra among the Buddhist teachings. He expressed appreciation to Mr Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International and founder of The Institute of Oriental Philosophy, for his continuous support throughout the exhibition and in publishing the news of the exhibition in the Seikyo Press, a daily in Japan. Mr Koh also thanked some 2,000 volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the 93 days of exhibition. He encouraged all to continue practising the wisdom of The Lotus Sutra in daily lives to create a culture of peace and harmonious coexistence in society.

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