Books: Wisdom for Life: IKEDA SENSEI- The Triumph of Mentor-Disciple Spirit

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TITLE: IKEDA SENSEI- The Triumph of Mentor-Disciple Spirit
Author: N.Radhakrishnan
Publisher: SGM
Year of published: 2007
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 978-983-42606-9-9
Price: RM30.00


The SGI under the leadership of Dr Ikeda who is respectfully and affectionately addressed as ‘Sensei’ has grown over the years extending its activities to such areas as education, peace and culture. Besides establishing formal and active ties with the United Nations, it strives to promote peace and harmony. The ceaseless efforts SGI President Ikeda undertakes as a committed and inspired promoter of human happiness have earned him respect from numerous quarters.
The present volume contains reflections on the mentor-disciple relationship and on selected writings, speeches and dialogues of President Ikeda by one of the most accomplished Gandhian scholars and peace activists, Dr N. Radhakrishnan who admires the great role the SGI has been playing in human transformation and social change.


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