SGM Penang Charity Cultural Gala

Aug 21, 2004 ◄ Back to list

Combining a charitable cause, the boundless energy of youth, and the power of music and dance to bind people’s hearts together, SGM Penang successfully put up a memorable charity cultural gala to raise RM450,000 for 25 charitable and educational organisations at the Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) Indoor Stadium, Penang on August 21 and 22, 2004.

The cultural gala coincided with the country’s 47th National Day celebrations and the 20th anniversary of SGM’s establishment. In SGI President Ikeda’s message, he said that there was profound significance in holding this cultural gala as it meant to send out a message of peace and that “Penang, as the Pearl of the Orient, is noted to be a pioneer of co-existence of various races.”

Indeed, the theme ‘Malaysia – Land of Hope and Culture’ which portrayed ‘harmony in diversity’ was well reflected in the array of cultural performances. A total of 1500 SGM members and invited performers – the Chinese orchestra of Jit Sin Secondary School, the Green Apple Ballet Academy, and the Indian dance group Kalaikali Nadana Alaya put up 12 items. The two-night event attracted close to 20,000 people.

On each night, the gala opened with a lively carnival dance to set the pace. The performances were divided into three parts, with part one portraying Malaysia as a land of hope and boundless future. Part two portrayed the uniqueness of Malaysia’s cultural diversity where its people coexist in harmony while part three reflects the emergence of the modern Malaysia, and the protagonists of the era – the Youth. The climax of the evening was the 200-person gymnastics display which symbolised the determination of the youth to rise to future challenges. It ended with a grand finale involving all performers.

Yet, the atmosphere of the stadium would have been different without the presence of the 750-member Dynamic Graphics. Throughout the entire show, the group’s creative use of props, hand and body movements formed a ‘dynamic’ background to the arena, complimenting and adding vitality to the ‘main’ performance.

Away from the limelight were the 800-odd SGM Penang supporting group members that made the show’s smooth running possible. United in spirit with their comrades performing on the arena, they worked tirelessly behind the scenes to support the gala. These volunteers were involved in various aspects including security, transportation of performers and equipment, preparation of meals, video shooting and cleaning.