SGM Johor Assist in Flood Relief

Dec 18, 2006 ◄ Back to list
SGM Johor donated colour pencils and provided counselling in support of Hospital Permai's child and play therapy for young victims of the floods.

From mid-December 2006 until the third-week of January 2007, a series of floods hit the southern part of Peninsula Malaysia. Several states experienced abnormal rainfall which resulted in massive floods. Weather officials described the flooding in several areas especially in Johor as the worst in a century. Around 70,000 people were evacuated in Johor.

The affected areas in Johor included towns such as Kota Tinggi, Segamat, Kluang, Ulu Tiram, Kulai, Labis, Plentong, Muar and so on. Many places were under five to ten feet of water and many roads were cut off.

Events in chronological order:

Dec 18 - 22, 2006: SGM Johor set up a flood relief committee on the first day of the flood. For the first two days, they could only make phone calls to members in the affected area as most roads were cut off. On the third day, they managed to find their way to deliver foodstuffs to the victims. On subsequent days, around 100 volunteers helped in delivering foodstuffs, water and daily necessities to the victims. They also counselled the victims and assisted them in cleaning their houses.

Dec 25-26: SGM General Director Choo Kong Fei visited Kota Tinggi and Segamat to assess the flood situation and to give the members morale support. At the same time, SGM donated RM20,000 to SGM Johor as relief fund.

SGM members distributing box of mineral water to flood victim in Muar.
Using a boat to deliver foodstuff and daily necessities to flood victims in Muar In Muar.


Dec 31: Around 200 SGM Johor members dispatched three loads of foodstuffs by four-wheel-drives to the flood victims. Members in Muar, who had also been affected by floods, dispatched foodstuffs and water to help other victims in nearby Kundang Ulu area. Similarly, members from Labis and Batu Pahat visited victims and distributed foodstuffs and water in Segamat, Bekok and Cha'ah.

Jan 5-6, 2007: SGM Johor donated a total of RM50,000 to families affected by floods, where each family received RM500 and other items.

Jan 13: Second wave of flood hit Johor. Eight districts were submerged.

Jan 15: SGM Johor set up a temporary flood relief centre in Kota Tinggi. Members from all over Johor came in great numbers to assist in the relief efforts - preparing meals and distributing them to victims. Over 2,000 packets of food were distributed every day. Minister of Energy, Water and Telecommunications Dato Lim Keng Yaik also paid a visit to the centre, and even helped to cook food for the flood victims.

SGM members helping to clear out damaged items from the homes of flood victims in Kota Tinggi. SGM Johor set up'a temporary relief centre in Kota Tinggi to provide meals and other necessities to flood victims.
SGM Johor donating foodstuffs to the flood relief centre in Tangkak, Johor. In Segamat.


Throughout the disaster period, SGM Johor's speedy response and effective reach at the grassroots level in affected areas were instrumental in gaining the public's trust and appreciation. In addition, the kindness and generosity shown by the leaders and members of SGM Johor reflect the saying, '% friend in need is a friend indeed". Many were themselves affected by the flood, yet they did not hesitate to offer their assistance to other victims.

Organisations and individuals with little access to the flooded areas sent relief items to SGM Johor Culture Centre in Johor Bahru. These items were then sent to the flood relief centres. Other than providing goods and necessities, SGM Johor also worked with Hospital Permai, a psychiatric hospital, to provide counselling, child and play therapy at various relief centres in Johor Bahru, Kota Tinggi and Batu Pahat. SGM assisted in implementing the hospital's post-traumatic programmes.

In Melaka, SGM Melaka also set up its flood relief committee to assist flood victims. SGM donated RM5,000 towards its relief fund.