SGM Pahang Organises Flood Relief Efforts

Dec, 2007 ◄ Back to list

In the mid-December 2007, the state of Pahang was hard-hit by floods, causing massive flooding in several areas such as Mentakab and Temerloh.

SGM Pahang organized a voluntary relief team to assist some 58 flood affected families and individuals in Mentakab, providing them food, clothes and other goods – doing their utmost in assisting them to endure the adversity.

Due to the sudden and unexpected occurrence of flood, many of the precautionary flood relief preparations were inadequate to cope with the situation. Many of the victims were caught unprepared. Due to its organisational network, SGM Pahang managed to gather a group of members from the affected area and neighbouring areas to distribute food and other supplies to the affected victims.

The efforts of the SGM Pahang members were well appreciated. Other well-wishers also donated 200 bags of rice and over a 100 cartons of bottled water and food supplies to SGM Pahang for distribution to the victims.

After the flood waters have receded, SGM Pahang members also helped affected families to clean their houses and repair damaged belongings. Cash donations were also handed out to these families.

On December 20, 2007, SGM General Director Choo Kong Fei and several SGM leaders visited the affected areas and met with the affected families to provide encouragement and support.

Other than Mentakab and Temerloh, SGM Pahang also assisted relief efforts in affected areas such as Pekan, Sg Lembing and Triang.