Chinese Artist Gives Talk on Arts and Literature

Jun 29, 2002 ◄ Back to list

June 29, Kuala Lumpur: Professor Huang Yongyu, an acclaimed artist and writer from China, gave a lecture, entitled 'A Discussion on Arts and Literature' at the Wisma Kebudayaan SGM, Kuala Lumpur. SGM co-sponsored the lecture with the Malaysian Chinese Culture Society, the Central Academy of Art and Malaysian Institute of Art. Over 400 people attended the lecture, including His Excellency Hu Zhengyue, Chinese ambassador to Malaysia and His Excellency Hajdar Muneka, Albanian ambassador to Malaysia. In his lecture, Professor Huang emphasised that a work of art has the power to touch the lives of others based on the struggles its creator has personally underwent; a masterpiece is born when an artist is able to challenge and overcome sufferings in life.