"Colours of Asia" at SGM

Jun 26, 2005 ◄ Back to list

Dance troupes from Indonesia and Korea performed traditional folk dances in a cultural performance called 'Colours of Asia' organised by SGM at Wisma Kebudayaan SGM on June 26, 2005.

The Korean dance troupe performing a traditional farmers' dance. Ngarojeng dance from Betawi (Jakarta).


First to perform were the Koreans, represented by five young dancers and musicians. Korean culture and arts have gained popularity in Malaysia due to the wave of Korean television dramas being shown. The troupe headed by Yoo Byung Ho and musical director Chon Yoon Kee gave the audience a sampling of the farmers' dance, one of the primitive Korean dances. What is unique is the emphasis on neck movements. The dancers use their head to whirl long paper ribbons attached at the top of their hats in great loops through the air accompanied by sounds of brass instruments and beatings of small drums.

Following the performance by the Koreans, the audience were treated to a colourful display of costume and dance from the various regions in Indonesia. The Indonesian group performed the Ngarojeng dance of Betawi, Giring-Giring dance of East Kalimantan and Saman dance of Aceh. The Indonesian delegation is a combination of four schools from Jakarta namely the A1-Azhar Pejaten, A1-Azhar Kemang Pramata, Labschool Cinere and 46. Headed by Mrs Dewi Asdia Tuty Ibnu, the delegation comprises of 50 dancers.

Saman dance from Aceh. Giring-giring dance from East Kalimantan.


Both groups were invited by the Ministry of Tourism to perform at the launch of the Citrawarna (Colours of Malaysia) 2005 at the Merdeka Stadium on July 2. Their performances at SGM were part of the pre-Citrawarna launch itinerary arranged by the Ministry.

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