The Making of Let's Go Mamak - a showcase of Contemporary Ethnic Malaysian Music

Jun 21, 2009 ◄ Back to list

In line with Inner Voices’s mantra - Unity Through Music – “The Making of Let’s Go Mamak” celebrated the evolvement and progress of the Malaysian tradition and culture through the unification of people coming from different races, culture and ethnic groups. And the place where this unification happened was none other than the “mamak” where people came for roti or teh tarik, just to hang out, chit-chat or discuss serious matters, turning the place into one rich in colour, language and flavour.

Last year, “Let’s Go Mamak!” made an impressionable appearance at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC) and earned four BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for being the Best Group Performance, Best Music Direction, Best Composition and the Kaki Seni Audience Choice Awards.

On June 21, 2009, Inner Voices brought their unique fusion of Malaysian music to Wisma Kebudayaan SGM, Kuala Lumpur. The show highlighted the beauty of harmony involving different elements, creating a unique Malaysian blend that might evolve into a whole new Malaysian sound.

With each of their music falling carefully but not conclusively into different styles of music such as jazz, pop and traditional, one would find notes coming from authentic traditional instruments of the main cultures colliding in melody, harmony and rhythm, sometimes reminding us of our identity. There were also modern interpretations of Indian classical songs, a humorous but intimate conversation between drummers of different ethnic influences, ending with a rediscovery of our true roots in which flows a common native pulse before finally calling “Bos Kira.”

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