Revelling in Aestheticism: Renowned Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition

May 23, 2009 ◄ Back to list

The nature of life in modern society has distanced us from the natural environment. The exhibition "Revelling in Aestheticism: Renowned Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition" provided a calm respite for us to rediscover the beauty around us.

Held from May 23 to June 7, 2009 at Wisma Kebudayaan SGM, the exhibition displayed 45 pieces of exquisite oil paintings from SGM's art collection. A total of about 3,700 people, including children, have seen the paintings by 15 artists from China.

Li Tianxiang and Zhao Youping come from the old school and used soft and gentle colours to depict people, still life and nature. Wen Lipeng was trained in Russia and used strong colours and brush strokes to depict the grand beauty of nature while Ma Changli used bright and rhythmic hues to showcase quiet and solitary scenes. Pang Shixun, on the other hand, went to the Tibetan Plateau to paint the life of Tibetan people shrouded in the mysterious colours of fog. Yan Zhenduo's painting, "Young girl," expresses a poetic feeling, being depicted in light and colour to show the interaction of feelings and scenery. Li Mu may be trained in France but painted very differently, harmonising shapes and colours. His 'harmony' is rich, paradoxical, forgiving, balanced, spiritual and beautiful. The other artists were Yang Hongtai, Chen Junde, Wang Yipeng, Li Yanzhou, Wang Xin, Chen Hui, Wang Shaolun and Yan Bo.

Chinese oil paintings combine elements of both eastern and western traditions while integrating the spirit of the eastern culture and philosophy. This produces gentle and poetic works which are unique. To enhance the viewers' appreciation of the artworks, SGM had designed a series of programmes which include guided tours conducted by the junior division members, art hunt, art therapy, paper crafts and actual painting on canvas workshops.