Interfaith Dialogue on Islam and Buddhism

Aug 10, 2009 ◄ Back to list

Twenty imams from China and twenty representatives from the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA) Perak branch held a goodwill exchange with the representatives of SGM Perak on August 10, 2009. The focus of the exchange was to discuss how religions can work together to promote the common goal of peace.

In conjunction with the exchange, the SGI exhibition "Seeds of Change: Earth Charter and Human Potential" was exhibited. Later, the participants viewed the film "A Quiet Revolution," which combines coverage of key environmental challenge facing humanity with inspiring case studies of individuals including Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Mathaai from Africa. This film shows how the actions of ordinary people can transform problems of a global scale. The visitors concurred with the viewpoint that an inner change in human beings is necessary to address key environmental challenges.

Similar exchanges between the Chinese imams, Malaysian Chinese Muslims and SGM Perak had been taking place annually since 2007. Such exchanges are important in promoting greater understanding among the participants of the two faiths, and cooperation in working towards peace.