Peace Lectures Held in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Klang and Penang

Oct 18, 2006 ◄ Back to list

Prior to the opening of the GKI exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Dr Carter was in Johor Bahru to deliver a peace lecture. Having just completed a successful four-day visit to Singapore, Dr Carter travelled across the causeway to Johor Bahru to give a talk to 800 people at SGM Johor Culture Centre on October 18.

Following that, Dr Carter gave two lectures in the Klang Valley, the first at SGM Selangor Culture Centre in Klang and the second, to a packed auditorium of 1,200 people at SGM Culture Centre in Cheras. The final stop in his Malaysia trip was up north in Penang, where he gave a lecture.

In the various lectures throughout his visit, Dean Carter discusses a leap in consciousness and action required by humanity for it to step out of the pattern of violence and war that plagues it. He explains the need for a new spirituality that emphasises the importance of cooperation; not a new (or old) religion that emphasises narrow interests or sanctions conflict.

People need to strive to become universal humans -- like Gandhi, King and lkeda -- to love the whole humanity and not just their particular ethnic group. To do this people must have the courage to venture out of the 'boxes' of nation, race, religion, class, etc. for inspiration and direction. Only by doing so, can we be evolutionary humans who can overcome the dominator model of political power to usher in an era of revolutionary peace.

Dr Carter also talks about the parallels between his ideology and the humanistic philosophy of Buddhism as institutionalised and practised by the SGI. He shares his impressions of SGI as well as President lkeda as spiritual mentor and leader for peace.

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