Dialogue with Nature Photography Exhibition

Apr 1, 2003 ◄ Back to list

SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's photography exhibition, 'Dialogue with Nature' opened on April 1 at the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. A total of 102 photographs taken by Mr Ikeda are being shown for the first time in Malaysia due to the joint efforts of the National Art Gallery, Soka Gakkai International and Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM).

The official opening of the exhibition, which took place on April 4, 2003 was attended by around 1,000 guests. Dato' Dr Ng Yen Yen, Deputy Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism opened the exhibition. Among those who attended the ceremony were Tan Sri Kamarul Ariffin, Chairman of National Art Gallery's Board of Trustees; High Commissioner of South Africa to Malaysia, H.E. Dr Abraham Nkomo; High Commissioner of Fiji to Malaysia, H.E. Adi Litia Samanunu Q.T. Cakobau; Ambassador of Cuba to Malaysia, H.E. Pedro Maonzon Barat and High Commissioner of Ireland to Malaysia, H.E. Daniel Mulhall of Ireland; and representatives from various art and photography associations.

During her opening speech, Dato' Dr Ng Yen Yen stated that the theme of 'Dialogue with Nature' embodies Mr Ikeda's vision for peace. The Deputy Minister then presented Mr Ikeda with a certificate of appreciation for his efforts in promoting goodwill and international understanding through cultural exchanges.

In Mr Ikeda's message, which was read out by SGM Deputy President, Liu Cheng Choong, he expressed his deep respect for Malaysian's warmth and generosity of spirit, which has enabled them to live in unity and coexist in thriving harmony in a multi-ethnic society. Malaysia has taught the world an invaluable principle for different peoples to live together in peace. Paying deep respect for the ordinary citizens who "strive purposely toward tomorrow amidst both the joys and sorrows of life," he affirmed his unequivocal stance against war, which causes untold devastation and human suffering.
Tan Sri Kamarul Ariffin
Chairman, Board of Trustees of the National Art Gallery, Malaysia
Although he claims he is not a professional photographer, he is able to capture the images in such an artistic manner. I understand that most of his photographs are taken in a very quick manner, either when he was alighting from a car or passing through a scene. Yet he's able to produce such wonderful photographs. This can only come from within him.
At a time like this, we should not close our eyes or put a plug in our ears or put a lock in our mouths when there is trauma in Iraq, especially for those innocent women and children. This is the true spirit of Dr Ikeda, being the pacifist that he is and one who fights for world peace. I think the timing of this exhibition could not have been better. He does not have to show gory pictures of what is happening in Iraq but it is peace in nature and the harmony that will make us reflect upon events in another part of the world.


Dr Abraham Nkomo
South African High Commissioner to Malaysia
The message I got from this exhibition is to look after nature. Mr Ikeda's photographs are touching ... Even in the midst of tumult, every plant, every source of life, every human being has got a peculiar significance. Nothing is unimportant in the fountain of life. Therefore all human beings and all of nature demand our attention, respect and care.


Pedro Monzon Barata
Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia
The exhibition shows the intimate relationship between beauty and peace. Everything that has to do with war is horribly sad and terrible. We not only see nature from Ikeda's photographs, but also the monumental achievements of various civilisations over the centuries, the architectures and beautiful cities. All these have been made possible and continue to exist until today because of peace.


Dr Chandra Muzaffar
President, International Movement for a Just World (JUST)
I think this exhibition is a timely reminder about the importance of peace. Peace within ourselves, peace with our neighbours, peace with all nations of the world. I say it is timely reminder because we are in the midst of war. And here we have an exhibition that reminds us of peace. This is something which has always been pivotal to Dr Ikeda's philosophy. He has always been against the war.


Redza Piyadasa
Artist and art historian
Mr Ikeda has an eye. He stops and looks at things. Most of us with our cameras are busy photographing ourselves against the background, and hardly look around. He's really a poet. Anyone who is sensitive to the environment will respond to it. When we look at sunrise or sunset, most of us respond in a spiritual or emotional way. The experience is basic, but it is the sensitive photographer who makes the ordinary seem extraordinary.


N. Nithi Nesadurai
President, Environmental Protection Society of Malaysia
Mr Ikeda's photographs are very serene. It promotes the concept of peace. The photographs have been effectively captured. He didn't go all the way out to take the photographs in a sophisticated manner. I am able to appreciate and understand what he tries to say in his photographs.


Madam Tan Siew Luang
Centre of Environment & Technology Development, Malaysia (CETDEM)
I would say that the intention of the exhibition is good and the message is clear, especially so when Mr Ikeda's speech was read out during the opening ceremony. The pictures are very beautiful and peaceful. It is for us to sustain peace in this world and not destroy it. If you look closely, each of pictures has a message although he never spelled it out. He leaves it to people to interpret the photographs. He is a man who has vision and I feel touched by people who have vision. You feel that these are the people that inspire you.


Mohd Arif Awaluddin
Professional Photographer
I have never seen such a large crowd at the National Art Gallery before! I can really feel Mr Ikeda's spirit here today. To me, he is a man of peace - not only for the people in Japan but also for the entire world. Whoever attends today's exhibition will definitely know something more about him. I had always believed in peace, and had always wanted to promote peace in my photography career.