SGM Penang Organises Community Waste Recycling Project

Jan 20, 2007 ◄ Back to list

A Kenyan proverb says: "The earth was not given to you by your parents; it was lent to you by your children." Bearing this proverb in mind and the guiding principle to 'cherish your community' learned through the activities of SGM, the members of SGM Penang decided to take up the responsibility of manning a 'waste recycling' corner at SGM Penang Culture Centre in Jalan Burma. It was initiated with the hope that these small efforts will trigger a chain reaction to encourage more people to come forward to protect our environment.

Momentum for the waste recycling project has been building up since October 2006 with members coming out in full force to do the collection in their various neighbourhoods and around the Penang Culture Centre. It was also during this time that it was decided that SGM Penang would donate the proceeds from the sale of recyclable items to charitable organisations.

The highlight of the community project was the 'Hari Mesra Tetangga' (Neighbourhood Goodwill Day) event held on January 20 at the SGM Penang Culture Centre, with activities for both children and adults.

In the morning, more than 130 children participated in the colouring and drawing competition. While waiting for their children, the parents were invited to watch the award winning documentary film 'A Quiet Revolution'. The inspiring film featured individuals who decided to make a change to the deteriorating state of environment in their respective communities. Later in the evening, around 300 people attended the 'Malam Mesra Tetangga' with Datuk Anwar Fazal, Chairman of Malaysian Interfaith Network and Taiping Peace Initiative as the guest of honour. The evening started off with a captivating lecture on 'recycling' by Tuan Hj Zulkifli Zakaria, the Deputy Director of Health and Environment of the Penang City Council. On the same night, a total of RM12,000 from the sale of recyclable items were donated to three organisations, the Mt. Miriam Hospital, Penang Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion and the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (Penang branch). The event ended on high note with music and dance performances from the SGM Penang members.