SGM Holds Nine Health Talks On Winning Over COVID-19 in August

28 Aug 2021

After organising seven health talks in July, the SGM Beacon Group delivered another nine health talks nationwide from August 1 to 28, to continue to deliver hope and health information to the community. The talks attracted the participation of over 3,700 people. The group is made up of SGM members working as healthcare professionals, or studying to become one.

SGM Sarawak held the talk in Mandarin on August 17, in which Dr Chong Chin Chen, a dentist, was the speaker. He explained the benefits of getting vaccinated, types of vaccines, side effects of vaccination, ways of prevention and precautions after being infected by COVID-19, giving participants the correct knowledge so they can protect their own lives.

Dr Chong Chin Chen Dr Chuah Teng Hong

Later, Dr Chuah Teng Hong and Chan Pei Ling shared their experiences. As a doctor in the Emergency Department of University of Malaya Medical Centre, Dr Chuah shared his challenges of working on the frontline and his thoughts on life and death. Meanwhile, Pei Ling shared the experience of how she and her father overcame COVID-19 through their practice of Nichiren Buddhism.

Lastly, group leader Prof Dr Christopher Boey concluded that SGM members can win over the pandemic through earnestly practising Nichiren Buddhism. He urged everyone to accumulate treasures of the heart as the pandemic rages, strengthen their faith and help themselves and others stay maintain a joyful life-state.

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