SGM Beacon Group Organises Webinars on Covid-19 Vaccines

30 Jul 2021

In response to numerous queries on vaccines for COVID-19, the SGM Beacon Group has been organising webinars entitled "Winning Over the COVID-19 Pandemic" in Chinese and English, starting from seven talks in July, garnering a total viewership of over 4,300. The group plans to hold eight lectures in August.

Both sessions in Greater Kuala Lumpur kicked off with members sharing their faith experiences in caring for COVID-19 patients as a frontliner and patients recovering from it through faith.

Dr Ho Kean Fatt Prof Dr Christopher Boey

Following that, SGM Beacon Group member Dr Ho Kean Fatt proceeded to explain the use of vaccines, how they work to guard us against bacteria or viruses and the side effects that may occur. Dr Ho answered frequently asked questions on vaccination and stressed on the importance of getting vaccinated so that we are protected against COVID-19. Ms Wong Kim Eng, a senior nurse, presented the talk in Cantonese.

Beacon Group leader Prof Dr Christopher Boey was available to encourage the viewers. He first answered questions related to the virus including death and how it should be understood from the viewpoint of Nichiren Buddhism. In efforts to encourage the members to deepen their faith and find the strength to win over challenges during this pandemic, Dr Boey quoted SGI President Ikeda's guidance and waka poem, urging them to persevere with courage and hope.

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