SGM Penang Holds Talk on COVID-19 Vaccines

14 Jun 2021

On June 14, SGM Penang held an online talk titled “Debunking Misconceptions about COVID-19 Vaccination” conducted by SGM Beacon Group members Dr Ho Kean Fatt and Dr Chuah Teng Hong. A total of 1,031 members and guests attended the talk.

Getting vaccinated is a safety precaution against getting COVID-19 and or becoming severely ill due to COVID-19. The talk aimed to spread correct information about vaccinations and eradicate misconceptions about vaccines, and encourage people to get vaccinated.

Dr Ho Kean Fatt Dr Chuah Teng Hong

Both doctors spoke on why we should get vaccinated, vaccine safety and common side effects post vaccination. They also encouraged the audience to obtain advice from their doctors, emphasising that even after vaccination, we must still take precautions.

The speakers stressed that 70% of the population must be vaccinated in order to ensure the safety of all. Therefore, everyone has a role to ensure that everyone in society is safe. In order to protect others, the important thing is to protect ourselves first.

The talk was easy to understand and enabled the participants to gain much knowledge on COVID-19 vaccines.

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