SGM Launches Online Calligraphy Exhibition by First Generation Chinese Artists

12 Jun 2021

On June 12, SGM launched an online calligraphy exhibition entitled "Pioneering – Calligraphy Exhibition by First Generation of Chinese Artists" with the aim of celebrating the noble spirit of our pioneer calligraphers and further propagate Chinese tradition and culture. This online platform will make it more accessible for younger generations to learn and share knowledge about the life and art of these pioneers to others.

The "Pioneering" exhibition was previously held physically in Wisma Kebudayaan Soka Gakkai Malaysia (WKSGM) in October 2019, in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of Malaysia-China bilateral relations.

Mr Zhang Zhen  

Chinese calligraphy, which lies at the heart of Chinese culture, depicts the identity of the Chinese diaspora and values of Chinese civilisation. These pioneers were young Chinese intellectuals who had travelled to Southeast Asia and gathered in Malaysia and Singapore in the 20th century. With a spirit of devotion and compassion, they worked tirelessly to pave a path that led to the flourishing of Chinese culture through education. They were also trailblazers who built bridges of friendship among nations.

In his opening speech,Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) Vice-General Director Chai Koh Pong said that this exhibition was held to commend these pioneers for their astounding contribution to calligraphy in Malaysia. In view of the suffering the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to people, Mr Chai also mentioned that we must never stop promoting arts and culture as this will build bridges that connect people’s hearts together, bringing them courage and hope. He also mentioned that this is in line with SGM’s belief that propagating culture exchanges between countries will enhance understanding, eventually creating a path of friendship and peace.

The launching was also graced by a video message from the guest of honour, Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia Mr Zhang Zhen who commended these pioneers for their tireless promotion of Chinese culture. He also mentioned that despite the pandemic, the cooperation between the two countries remained vibrant.

  Talk by Assoc Prof Wong Wun Bin

Other guests of honour who joined the launching were Dato’ Loh Sum Min, Mdm Yim Why Meng, Mr Sim Beck Ghee and Mr CN Liew. In a video presented at the event, they also spoke about some of the pioneers’ ways of life, characters, creeds and achievements.

The launching was followed by a talk by Assoc Prof Wong Wun Bin, deputy dean of the Institute of Chinese Studies at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, which was moderated by Mr Wang Dawei, general manager of Xinhua Oriental Culture Media Centre in Malaysia and the chief editor of Silkroad Online.

Entitled “The Pioneering Chinese Literati in Malaya (Malaysia): Formation of Knowledge and Tradition,” the insightful talk centred around the flow of literati from China to Malaya, their ways of eking out a living and struggles to take root in the new country. Based on his research, Prof Wong also detailed how these educated people overcame numerous limitations in their new surroundings to share their knowledge and tradition, allowing for the growth and flourishing of Chinese society and culture in Malaysia.

Further information about the calligraphers and their works and biodata can be found in the website

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