SGM Streams Gosho Study Videos

13 Jun 2021

From June 13 to July 13, SGM streamed online Gosho study videos on the SGM Broadcast Channel Official on YouTube, attracting over 15,000 views for both Mandarin and English videos. SGM youth division leader Andrew Looi was the speaker for the Chinese video, while SGM Selangor state young men’s division vice-leader Bernard Wong presented the English study.

The study videos were based on material from SGI President Ikeda’s lecture series The Buddhism of the Sun – Illuminating the World, focusing on “The Shared Struggle of Mentor and Disciple: Giving Expression to Our Inherent Nature as Bodhisattvas of the Earth,” which is part 11 of the “A Religion of Human Revolution” subseries. For the full article, please refer to FLOW No. 689.

The speakers first stated that the Soka Gakkai’s fundamental mission is to achieve kosen-rufu. When people dedicate themselves for the sake of kosen-rufu, they will realise they are Bodhisattvas of the Earth, and that the Buddha’s wish is for everyone to attain enlightenment and become happy.

The first part of this study discussed the “lion’s roar.” Here, the “lion’s roar” refers to the Buddha’s preaching of the Law, and the vow made by the disciples in response. This in turn becomes the shared struggle of mentor and disciple, which moves everything in a positive direction and enables people to manifest their inherent Buddhahood and become happy.

The second part discussed the unity of mentor and disciple, stressing that when disciples strive to respond to a mentor who teaches people to walk on the Soka path of mentor and disciple, they both mentor and disciples can lead a life of joy, victory and happiness.

In the third and final part, the speakers elaborated on the importance of staying true to the path of mentor and disciple. Even if one encounters hardships on the way, as long as one keeps on advancing on the right path, one will definitely attain Buddhahood in this lifetime.

In conclusion, the speakers stressed that “the keys to accomplishing our human revolution and expanding our life-state are having a deep commitment to our mission, being aware of our identity as Bodhisattvas of the Earth and engaging in the shared struggle for kosen-rufu.” President Ikeda once stated that “the mentor’s wish is that the disciples lead a wonderful life dedicated to kosen-rufu.” Therefore, let us all walk valiantly on the great path of the shared struggle of mentor and disciple!

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