SGM Golden Age Group Commemorates 19 th Founding Anniversary

30 Jun 2021

Kuala Lumpur  

The SGM Golden Age Group (GAG) was founded by first SGM General Director Koe Teng Hong on June 2, 2002 and this year marks its 19th founding anniversary. In June 2021, GAG members nationwide, who are 60 and above, gathered online to celebrate this day. In total, some 4,500 members joined 36 online meetings themed “The New Human Revolution and the Golden Age.”

Participants refreshed their understanding of the GAG’s significance, and SGM General Director Koh Sia Feai’s congratulatory message was read out. Mr Koh encouraged them to appreciate each day and live a fulfilled life for the sake of humanity, society and kosen-rufu during their golden age.

At a Greater Kuala Lumpur meeting on June 2, a couple, Mr and Mrs Lee, who are both over 80, said they’ve maintained the spirit of learning new things and participate in the daily “New Human Generation Morning Sharing” sessions, and also encouraged many others to join. Several others shared their experiences of overcoming heart attacks.

Penang Negeri Sembilan

In a Penang meeting on June 6, several participants shared that attending the morning sharing sessions made them feel more energetic and gave them a stronger sense of mission, while in Negeri Sembilan, others spoke on how the sessions inspired them and brought their hearts closer to our mentor. The state had also specially arranged an interactive session for grandparents and their grandchildren, and invited SGM Beacon Group member Dr Yap Ka Boi to conduct a health talk.

On June 20 in Perak, participants shared that the daily sessions made them live fulfilling lives and strengthened their faith. One of them shared their experience in overcoming breast cancer. Meanwhile on June 24 in the Eastern Area, participants spoke on how they supported family members to overcome serious illness. One spoke on how they encouraged their daughter to overcome eye disease and stroke, while another encouraged their son and daughter-in-law to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to transform their situation upon learning the daughter-in-law had cancer.

GAG committee leader Foo Siew Eng actively participated in many of the meetings. She urged the members to continue spreading the trend of reading The New Human Revolution, and hoped that they will become the “Red Crescent of kosen-rufu” with youthful hearts who demonstrate the true attitudes of Buddhist practitioners, be supportive of the younger generation and live a life of no regret.

Kedah Perak
Johor Pahang


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