SGM Holds SGI Online Study Lecture Nationwide

28 Mar 2021

From March 12 to 28, SGM organised 55 sessions of the SGI online study lecture nationwide, which was conducted by the SGI study department. Some 18,000 people participated in the study sessions, which aimed to strengthen members’ “faith for overcoming obstacles.”

SGI study department leader Masaaki Morinaka conducted the study, which is based on President Ikeda’s lecture titled “A Religion of Human Revolution: The Heart of a Lion King” from The Buddhism of the Sun - Illuminating the World series. 

Mr Morinaka first stated the correct attitude to adopt when studying the Gosho, and then introduced five points, which are the philosophy of human revolution, the philosophy of respect for life and for all people, Buddhism that appreciates each person, everyone can become a lion king, and a vow for establishing the correct teaching for the peace of the land.

Lastly, a SGM representative concluded the meeting by urging all participants to carry out hope-filled actions and show victorious proof of human revolution. Participants shared how they were rejuvenated by the study lecture.  

“This lecture has enabled me once again to reaffirm my conviction in Soka Gakkai. Just as the speaker said that only Nichiren Buddhism, a religion of humanism, can save the people from misery, I am now more determined to inherit this lofty mission.” (Chow Jia Huan, young men's division)

“I’ve learnt how to put the guidance from the Gosho into practice, and also learnt the significance of this Buddhism and my own mission. I will work harder in both my studies and kosen-rufu.” (Vennesha Devi, young women's division student division)

“I felt this was a very powerful, simple yet profound, and refreshing lecture to help me in grasping some of the most important points when coming to challenges in real life.” (Josephine Yap Siew Min, women's division)

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