SGM Celebrates 55th Anniversary of Men’s Division Founding

28 Mar 2021

March 5 marks the founding day of the men's division (in Japan) and this year marks its 55th anniversary. This year is also the 50th anniversary since SGI President Ikeda composed the poem “The Waterfall” for the men’s division.

In his congratulatory message, SGM men’s division leader Dr Christopher Boey encouraged the members to realise that, as the golden pillars of kosen-rufu, they should create great value in these crucial times. He also attended online commemorative meetings in Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL), Kedah and Negeri Sembilan.

On March 4, GKL held a commemorative meeting, where Young Mister Group representatives shared how they expanded friendship and trust. Dr Boey concluded the meeting by asking the participants to have encouraging dialogues with their friends and create a great history of propagating kosen-rufu together with President Ikeda.

Greater Kuala Lumpur

On March 5, in a men’s division training course held in SGM Kedah, Dr Boey further inspired them to gain total victory in discussion meetings, dialogue and personal guidance while upholding the spirit of never-giving-up.

Before the training course, zone leader Ong Bak Hee from Kedah held a meeting of fellow men’s division members and discussed how to have a fulfilling discussion meeting. They also shared their resolution to increase the quality of discussion meetings. 

Meanwhile, on March 28, SGM Negeri Sembilan held a men’s division online study meeting to celebrate this meaningful commemorative day. Dr Boey quoted President Ikeda’s guidance and encouraged the participants to advance with wisdom, compassion and victorious spirit when facing challenges during the pandemic.


Dr Boey also stated that “wisdom” means sincerely studying the Gosho and strengthening one’s wisdom; “compassion” means never forgetting to carry out shakubuku and practise the way of happiness for oneself and others, and “victory” means overcoming one's weaknesses and gain victory through chanting daimoku.

In the meeting, Negeri Sembilan region vice-leader Puah Yaw Nan also shared President Ikeda’s guidance with the participants, which included the six conditions for happiness. He then urged them to establish a life of absolute happiness. 

The men’s division members were all inspired and their hearts burned with the resolve to strive to realise SGM’s ten-year plan, a golden period, and become the true golden pillars of the organisation.

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