SGM Holds Online General Meetings to Kickstart Year of Hope and Victory

16 Jan 2021

From December 6, 2020 onwards, SGM branches held their respective online members general meeting to review the past and look into accomplishing new goals in the new year.

In the video showcasing 2020 activities, SGM was shown advancing with precautionary steps during the pandemic by holding online meetings and wisely leading the members forward. Through online discussion and study meetings and telephone calls, members were able to encourage each other and overcome various adversities together.

In the meeting, the 2021 Soka Gakkai theme the “Year of Hope and Victory,” activity directions and focus and SGM’s ten-year plan towards 2030 were announced. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging around the world, victorious proof of human revolution can be seen in every corner of the country, bringing participants much hope, the driving force to continue advancing.

Perak Sabah

In Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL), an all-leaders meeting was held on December 6. There, young men’s division member Leong Kai Seong shared how he overcame challenges in his studies through encouragement from men’s division member Chai Chuan Chee. Meanwhile in Kelantan, an all-leaders meeting was held on December 22 where women’s division member Hew Mooi Foong shared how she was able to take good care of her husband and see him becoming healthier as the days went by.

On January 15, when Rejang chapter in Sarawak held its general meeting, WD member Jong Sing Yii shared her challenges of taking care of her elderly mother. On the same day, at Miri chapter, SPM candidate Evelyn Lim shared how she was able to fully utilise her time and strive in her studies, thus creating another victory report. WD member Law Huoy Jiuan from the same chapter also shared how she and her husband started a new way of doing business despite the challenging environment.

Pudu Penang

The general meeting of Pudu chapter in GKL held on January 16 saw 19 Soka friends attending. MD and WD members enthusiastically shared how they learnt to hold online meetings, representatives from the four divisions shared their victory reports, and junior and youth divisions members presented wonderful performances. After the meeting, a participant said that he felt very happy and encouraged, and will continue to live out his life positively.

Lastly, an encouragement from SGM General Director Koh Sia Feai titled “Let’s Together Embark on Our Ten-Year Journey,” which was published in the January issue of COSMIC, inspired the participants to start moving forward by upholding the spirit of never retreating and gain total victory in this Year of Hope and Victory!

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