Tadika Seri Soka Conducts 26th Graduation Ceremony Online

19 Dec 2020

Tadika Seri Soka (TSS) held its 26th graduation ceremony online for 113 graduating princes and princesses on December 12 and 19, 2020 – having been postponed from November 21 – due to recent developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his congratulatory message, TSS founder Mr Daisaku Ikeda asked the children to “learn many new things and create lots of happy memories” together with their new friends in primary school. He also said that whenever they meet with difficulties, they should always remember that they are “lion cubs.” Lion cubs will never be defeated.” He hoped that they “will continue to challenge problems that stand before you with perseverance and grow into a strong and robust person.”

TSS principal Mdm Lye Loy Hou said that the teachers know how hard the children had been working at home, and that they had remained focused, positive, resilient and were able to adjust to the new normal quickly, adding that TSS is very proud of them. She also thanked all parents for their steadfast faith in TSS, and the teachers and staff members for their compassion and kindness towards the children. She expressed her hopes that the children would return to TSS one day under better conditions. 

TSS Chairman Dr Christopher Boey then shared with the children a story of how a young girl with leukaemia gained splendid academic results despite being hospitalised for a long time. She was inspired by a quote written by Mr Ikeda, which says, “A lion king never gives up.” He hoped the children would always have the heart of a lion king and urged them to always cherish their parents. 

Despite not being able to meet with their classmates, the children were able to record their individual parts of performances and TSS teachers compiled them into a video that was presented to the participants of the ceremony. Their impressions of the school, teachers, parents and fellow classmates were recorded and broadcasted. Some of them were determined to meet in future.

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