SGM Conducts “New Human Revolution and I” Nationwide Youth Leaders Meeting

18 Nov 2020

On November 18, 2020, the significant day of Soka Gakkai’s 90th anniversary, some 800 youth representatives from around the country gathered online for the “NHR and I” leaders meeting. 

SGM youth division leader Andrew Looi first made a report, stating that youth leaders from six areas have finished studying all 30 volumes of the novel series The New Human Revolution in the daily morning study session (with each area studying selected volumes). He further said that from January 2, 2021 onwards, there will be a new campaign of morning study sessions named “The New Human Revolution Generation.” This new campaign will be open to all four division members, having expanded from its beginnings of 100 youth leaders nationwide on September 8, 2017. 

Later, six youth representatives from six areas shared their victory reports and breakthroughs after challenging to attend the morning study session. The representatives are Teng Hui Yee, Rachel Chin, Chua Choon Chew, Goh Khai Ping, Leow Eng Heng and Cheang Yee Mun.

Also, Tey Hui Chin, Alvin Lee, Nelson Tan Zhi Ying, Chong Wai Ken, Lee Kuan Fung and Tiong Yee Xuan led the way in sharing their determination and plans in fostering successors, expanding the network, and in taking action to achieve their human revolution.

SGM women’s division leader May Chan further urged the Soka youths, the hope of humanity, to align their heart with the mentor’s, practise everything they have learnt and give hope and encouragement to people around them. 

SGM General Director Koh Sia Feai also praised the youths’ seeking spirit and asked them to inherit the good tradition of studying with a serious mind. He then urged them to continue studying and seeking President Ikeda’s significant works. 

The end of this meeting signifies the start of the “The New Human Revolution Generation” in 2021, which aims to spread the spirit of Shin’ichi Yamamoto to all corners of the organisation.

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