SGM Commemorates August 24 Men’s Division Day Online

15 Aug 2020

In commemoration of Men's Division Day which falls on August 24, SGM held an online nationwide Young Mister Group general meeting on August 15 under the theme "Fulfilling our vow as youthful successors" via SGM’s official YouTube broadcast channel and recorded an attendance of more than 1300 online participants.

SGM men’s division (MD) vice-secretary and Young Mister leader Chia Kok Peng began by reading SGI President Ikeda's congratulatory message, in which the SGI leader expressed his admiration of the MD members who were spreading Nichiren Buddhism despite facing difficulties posed by the current pandemic. He praises the MDs as "wise men with faith that manifests in daily life" and urges them to become the beacon of hope and trust in society.

Chan Boon Jau Tang Kok Hooi

Two Young Mister group members also shared their experiences of their journey in faith. Chan Boon Jau from Kuala Lumpur spoke of how his studies and teaching in the Soka school system had enabled him to establish a solid life based on the mentor-disciple spirit which enabled him to overcome numerous problems including his mother’s cancer. Tang Kok Hooi of Kedah related how coming back to the correct path of faith saw his good fortune and happiness increasing. 

In his lecture that follows, SGM men’s division leader Dr Christopher Boey Cheong Ming focused on President Ikeda’s lectures from the book To My Dear Friends of the Youth Division, speaking on courage, invincible spirit, successors, humanism and kosen-rufu. To achieve absolute victory, Dr Boey emphasised that one must have courage and an invincible spirit. He reminded the viewers that to become true disciples, they must exert themselves ungrudgingly in studying and practising Nichiren Buddhism and dedicate their lives wholeheartedly to kosen-rufu.

Dr Christopher Boey General Director Koh

In his speech, General Director Koh Sia Feai pointed out that life is inevitably full of problems, including those arising from birth, old age, sickness and death. He advocated that the way to remain undefeated is to possess an unyielding spirit which can be forged by embracing true Buddhism or the Mystic Law. Mr Koh stressed that we have the Gohonzon which is the unchanging law of the universe and has the limitless power to turn the impossible to the possible. Hence, with strong faith, we will surely be able to remain undefeated and fearless in overcoming the current pandemic.

After attending the online meeting, SGM Perak member Ng Guan Leong reaffirmed his noble mission as a MD member and resolved to “have steadfast conviction in the teachings and philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism, advancing together with Ikeda Sensei and fellow comrades of faith in the spirit of ‘many in body and one in mind.’” Another MD, Steve Leong from KL South realised that it is a must to have faith in the Gohonzon and Nichiren’s teachings. Challenges will always be present and “by overcoming the challenges, it will deepen our faith.” In celebrating the auspicious occasion, the MD members also sang “The Song of the Waterfall” together.

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