SGM Byakuren Group Commemorates 36th Anniversary of Establishment and Makes Fresh Departure

12 Jul 2020

On July 12, the SGM Byakuren Group organised an online meeting to commemorate its establishment 36 years ago on July 8. A total of 379 Byakuren Group members from around the country joined the meeting which was themed “The Byakuren Group – Blossoms of Soka.” This meeting was held to encourage the members to strive in achieving the blossoming of humanity through human revolution and expanding their life-state.

In her welcoming speech, SGM Byakuren leader Hon Pue Kuan explained the meaning of “Byakuren,” or white lotus, a flower that blossoms out of the mud unsoiled, and becomes the purest and most victorious flower. She urged the members to continue moving forward by putting the mentor SGI President Ikeda’s encouragement and expectations in the centre of their lives, and become princesses of happiness who can shoulder the future. 

Later, Pue Kuan and SGM young women’s division leader Magdelyn Choo conducted a study session, encouraging the members to be convinced that they possess the Buddha nature within their lives. They urged the participants to strive to extinguishevil, cultivate goodness in others’ life, chant abundant daimoku, and study the Gosho so that they will never be swayed by any obstacles they may encounter and build their own path of eternal happiness. 

Lastly, in her encouragement to the members, SGM women’s division leader May Chan related how she became an excellent Byakuren Group member, found happiness in her marriage and helped her daughter overcome her health challenges. She urged the members to accumulate as much good fortune as they can while they are still young and at the same time, strive to transform their karma. 

Throughout the meeting, members from Perak, Penang, Greater KL, Selangor, Sabah and Johor also shared their experiences in faith, victory reports and determinations towards their fresh departure.

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